Ten Democrats, Debate time is upon us.

As the ten who qualified for today’s Democratic Debate get ready, we the American people must listen and soon choose which will represent the Democratic Party in the 2020 Presidential Election against President Trump.

So, in my opinion, we must all know what we are looking for from these 10 candidates on the issues that are vital to the world and us as Americans.

What are you looking for in a Presidential Candidate, are you like me and looking for the same things, lets see.

  1. First and Foremost, I want a President who will, institute and implement Climate Control Changes and clean up the planet’s environment. Vital to all Mankind and Earth.
  2. Health Insurance for all, whether it is medicaid for all or something else all Americans should be covered. No, I did not say cancel private insurance that should be a choice for all.
  3. Protect Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid, people paid into Social Security all their adult and working lives don’t take it away.
  4. Economy, it must prosper, in order for it to prosper, jobs must be created in the Green Fields, manufacturing, installing and converting America and the world to electric, solar, wind power. While all of these are the best way to do so, we must also keep and implement restrictions and regulations on Nuclear power. It will take Nuke Power to get there in time, for 2045.
  5. Reinsert us into the Paris Agreement and work with the world to fight climate change together. Land masses are decreasing, waters are rising. Breath air is what we do, we do not have gills.
  6. Domestically, we need laws to protect all rights of all people of all colors and all sexes and ages.Stop the racist chants, stop the violence by uniting all americans no matter what we look like. A United people makes a United States work, people.
  7. Gun Controls in America must be put into place immediately despite the NRA and private gun owners who think otherwise. Deaths are mounting up across America and we need it stopped. Ban all Military and semi-automatic weapons, ban magazines that carry over three rounds, ban bump stocks, shut down gun show sales and restrict gun shops to selling to people that can only pass a background check and a mental health check.
  8. I want a President I can be proud of, who the world will not laugh at, or look at and go, what the hell’s wrong with that President? Stability counts, leadership counts, education counts, temperament counts and the ability to compromise and work well with others. It is apparent to me President Donald Trump has none of the above mentioned characteristics.
  9. We need a President who will lead, who will stand tall, be proud and listen to their advisors not fire them all. Someone who can find the right people to fill Administration Positions and do the jobs needed. The revolving door on the White House must be shut!
  10. Let me say this to all Candidates running and to all Americans period. I don’t care if your female, male, black, white, yellow or any other color, you want respect, you seek to live in peace, and you seek equality and love. You get cut, shot, beat upon or put down or bullied you will fight back, we all do. We all bleed the same color folks, we all fight the same diseases and sicknesses, and we all are human and Americans, I implore all in America to understand that and to understand we are all equal and human beings, treat one another that way and America prospers and moves forward. Don’t leave anyone out, no matter what preferences they may have.
  11. I have watched debates, I have heard President Trump, and the Democrats who speak tonight, and I have one thing to say to all, don’t be childish, don’t be petty, don’t be foolish and don’t say one thing and do another. Lying won’t work, meanness is not needed here, what is needed is someone who can bring Americans together and get us on the same road. We don’t need screaming and fighting, we need leadership, understanding and an effort to save the planet, mankind and America and all the people.
  12. Next thought here, while we are watching the Presidential Election happen before our eyes, and all the Democrats run and Trump and his three challengers so far on The Republican side, we must be alert to trickery, showmanship, games and lies. We must stay alert to tactics and ploys by all of these who wish to be President, we don’t need to be fooled again, and led astray. We don’t need a President who cons, lies, cheats, is mentally unstable, is narcissistic and dangerous. We don’t need President Trump again, we need much better!
  13. We must also fight against and stop all outside interference and whether it is electronically or otherwise in our elections. We need to have paper ballots as back ups. We need to put in place on our internet servers protection against all countries who want to interfere in our elections. We want to determine our leadership, our President, not Russia, or China or anyone else, should have that power. We must be For and True to The American Ideals set forth in our Constitution, our forefathers and protect our rights at home and abroad.
  14. We don’t need wars, we don’t need to fight other people’s wars, we have enough to care for our own here. While we try to help all we can, and we try to stop the spread of communism and tyrants and dictators, we are not the world’s police department. We have to limit what we can to to what we can afford and what is reasonable.
  15. Last but not least, I don’t care who you are democrat, republican or independent, I have noticed there are just too many candidates out there for President at this time. 20 Democrats is a number too high and confusing. If you are a under say 5 percent right now, do the right thing step down, run for another office and move on. Your wasting time, money and effort in a losing cause and for what purpose just to be heard, you can do that anyway. Step aside, let the candidates who the people are backing be heard, let them run the campaigns they need to. And if you can’t get above 5 percent in a reasonable time, please step aside. Lest be reasonable, logical and smart, we need a united front to beat President Trump nota divided one.
  16. Final thought for today: We don’t need a wall between us and Mexico, we have been here 243 years, and all has worked just fine with normal borders. A wall will protect no one or do anything for our protection, they will dig under, go over, go around and still get into the United States. Trump’s Wall Theory is a lie it doesn’t work! They will still be determined to get into America no matter what wall or fence Trump builds. He is building the wall because he made a promise to his supporters he would, and because Ann Coulter of Fox News told him, “Mr. President, you don’t build your wall, you will have no legacy!”. Trump only wants his name on the wall and to say he accomplished something period. He doesn’t care about you or me, he cares about one thing his legacy in our history books! Sorry to say President Trump your legacy will be in our History Books, that you were the worst President in American History Period a failure.

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