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The Democratic Debate for September was last night, I sat and listened to each candidate as they spoke and the issues at hand, I also watched their behaviors and responses physically on the stage.

Each one of the ten Democrats hand a handle on different issues and their answer actually were in some cases the same answers just from different angles on each issue. Original and realistic when answering big questions on Climate Change, Gun Control, and more are not easy to come up with a solution on. Dealing with Climate Change is a major question in this election for if we as a country don’t do a damn thing about it, we as a world will end up under water and in serious trouble on the planet that keeps us alive. Waters will rise due to the ice melts at the poles and elsewhere like GreenLand, as waters rise land masses decrease folks, guess what, where will you live if there is no place to live on?

We have basically stripped and misused our planet now for generations, as the temperatures rise and the waters do too, what will we do? Answer me that one clearly and, we may have a chance at saving the only world we have, because there is no place for mankind to go to within 30 billion light years out there. Wake up people, clean it up, and lets et Mother Earth rebuild itself.

The Gun Issues in America are beyond control, the gun owners think stripping them of military type weapons such as AR-15s and Ak-47s, multiple round magazines, bump stocks are wrong and they believe they have a right to bear arms. Others will tell you, people have a right to feel safe and to live in peace and not fear. Who’s really right, well I am on the side of living in peace and without fear, and like Beto said, Take the damn Military Weapons away from people or make them turn them in.There are not needed for hunting folks or target practice or for personal safety. There is no law on Military weapons being sold to citizens in America, but there should be and it should cover all military weapons period. I tire of the bullshit line so we have the right to bear arms, yes you do, to form a militia only. We have a Militia folks, it’s called the uNited states Armed Forces, it spans the land and the world and protects us each day and night. So, if you want to ow a gun, own a pistol for personal safety, own a shotgun to hunt with or a .22 rifle to hunt with. Not an AR-15 or Ak-47 or any other military weapon.

We need Universal Gun Background Checks, we need Red Laws in each state, we need bans on bumper stocks, we need gun registration and licensing. We need to shut down gun show sales of military weapons! I don’t care what the NRA says or The Gun Manufacturers, or the Gun Lobbyists, it’s time, too many Americans are dying on our streets in our schools, why, because no one had the balls to stand up to the Gun Industry and say no more and stop it. It’s time to fight back and tell that NRA, The Gun Lobbyist and The gun Manufacturers enough, no more period. Let me say this here and now for all to see, If your son, or daughter, parent or relative is shot and killed by a military type weapons and their insides blow apart and they die, you’ll be screaming for justice and banging on doors, windows, calling phones and at the Capital yelling for help and gun laws and background checks too. Needless deaths should not be happening in America and on our streets, we must stop it now.

I have listened to the Healthcare debate also and the need for Universal Health Care is strong. Across America we have people who have nothing for health care and I am one myself, I depend on the Veteran’s Administration for i served 16 years. No one and i mean no one in America despite color, race or sex, should not be covered . We need medicare for all, we need to keep our social security we need medicaid also and Prescription Drugs costs lowered and made affordable, period. I say Medicaid for all, and no I didn’t say eliminate private health insurance you want it, you pay for it you can keep it. But, every American should be covered for health care immediately. I know these issues will anger many who say, why should they pay for health care for all, we work hard and pay for our own insurance. Simple one day a member of your family may come down with a disease or cancer and need help too and not have insurance or the money to have it. Thats why? I live in pain daily and have to drive 45 miles each way anytime my diabetes acts up for care, or my back goes out, or my PTSD from Service gets to me, is that right? I have survived 16 years in the US Military, served my country, yet, I have to fight to get an appointment at the VA Hospital to see Doctor? I survived lung cancer in 2013, thanks to my APRN at the Veterans Hospital who stuck me intoa survey of Veteran’s with a family history of cancer. I was Pet Scanned and they found it in my right lung, August 4th, 2013. One month later September 4th, 2013 in a sixteen hours surgery they removed a lobe and one third of my right lng, taking out the cancer. I am grateful to be here and to be alive, believe me. Yet the point is more Veteran’s are out there suffering and can’t reach Veterans’ Hospitals, they live on the streets or have no more or transportation, don’t you think they deserve help too? Healthcare should be automatic for all Americans, period, but even more so for those who are Veterans and who have given their all to keep you and I safe, and this country free!

I ask you now, to stop and Think before you open you mouth in a wild rage or anger or in stupidity and with no consideration except to back a man like Trump, who cares not one mere iota about you or me, don’t do it folks, don’t re elect a man who is selfish, who is narcissistic, who is a con man, a liar, don’t re elect a man who can’t and won’t face down the NRA, The Gun Lobbyist and Gun Manufacturers.

Don’t re elect a man who has removed us from environmental accords and Apcts around the world and tariffs not only our enemies, but our allies too! He has isolated America from the world, he has friended dictators and communist leaders!

He fails at all he touches and is only building his so called wall because as Ann Coultler told him ” Mr. President if you don’t build the wall, you will have no legacy!” My answer to this is simple, ” Mr. President here is cold hard fact for you, whether you build the wall/ fence or not, it will not be your legacy as President, what will be your Legacy as President is this, You Are the Worst President the United States of America has ever had in it’s 243 year old history period and it will show in the history books long after you are gone and buried. Great for you huh, President Trump, that’s what you want, it is what history will say about you!

I pray a Democrat wins in 2020, for there is no choice if President Trump is the Republican Nominee, for we definitely don’t need four more years of this!

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