The Problem right now in The Democratic Party is a two pronged one.

First is the age factor of certain candidates, Biden, Sanders and Warren, all in their seventies and some older than others. With age comes experience and knowledge, yes, but also comes health problems and memory problems. I am not an ageist myself, but the American Public, the millennium generation which will more than likely be the voting generation in 2020 will have this concern firmly in their minds.

To see any of these three candidates stumble, pause or forget on any topic during a debate is not good. Joe Biden stumbles many times, hesitates at times and has to stop and think twice when speaking on many subjects. He has a fault also of relying on and falling back on Barack Obama’s record and then at other times distancing himself from Obama’s decisions, until he finally said he stood by Obama’s record, regardless of the good, the bad or indifferent.

Bernie Sanders, is beginning to irritate me personally when I watch these debates, he is constantly repeating the same lines over and over and his explanations for matters are not what many wish to hear. Many will cry what Trump supporters and Trump will cry if he faces Bernie in the general Election for President, Socialism even if Democratic Socialism is evil and not for America. Bernie’s age is also a factor here of course and will pop up during this election just like Bidens.

Elizabeth Warren, has a firm grip on reality and she seems to plan for everything out there and is a strong candidate and personality in this race. Yet, again age becomes a factor here, being in her seventies like the other two could be a problem for the millenium crowd and generation that will vote in this coming election cycle. Her plans sound good and well thought out and she firmly stands behind them all though.

Kamala Harris, has a prosecutors attitude about everything she faces or speaks about. Her experience is in being a lawyer and a prosecutor in the largest population sized state in the United States. While she is not in the top three tier at this time and seems to be lagging behind for one reason or another in American’s minds, I remind all, whoever wins this nomination will have to be quick on their feet, and be able to stand up against an aggressive and pushy President Trump who will attack and attack and attack on all points and personally. Harris can counter attack and knows how as well as knows how to point out how to prosecute Trump for crimes he has committed in office already. Some will say Harris is not strong enough on all issues, but if you combine her with a strong VP Candidate and make her President she would be a great President.

Mayor Pete Buteegieg, youth will be the knock on Pete and all will say, go back to Indiana and fix your own town first before you run for President. I agree he is young and inexperienced at this time, but he is a great speaker, carries himself well on stage and publically and he knows the subjects Americans want to hear about. His stances are strong in all the areas mentioned. My question is only his youth, so if I were Harris, and I got the nomination for President, Mayor Pete would make a great VP.

The above for me are the top four democrats running for President at this time. I have some I would recommend step aside or drop out at this time also.

First I would recommend the following individuals stop their campaigns;

  1. Julian Castro, why simple you don’t have the polls or support to win and reality says, you won’t get close. Your attacks on other candidates like Joe Biden, are wrong and unnecessary and unbecoming of a politician running for President.
  2. Amy Klobuchar The Senator from Minnesota, I must admit, I admire her grit and downhome talking and being straight with Americans. But her appeal to the masses is falling short as is he ideas for what needs to be done. She is trying to raise her stature and position in the polls from debate to debate, but she is moving at a slow rate.
  3. Senator Cory Booker- a smart man with street smarts going for him and public profile that is appealing to his base. Yet, he is not appealing to his own race and the African Americans seem to be shying away from him. He has to brerak through with the African americans!. I admire Senator Booker, but can he do enough to get there?
  4. Beto O’Rourke, I admire his stance on guns and gun controls and I say thank you to him for saying he would collect all military weapons and outlaw them. I admire his caring and showing of empathy for those shot by these weapons and his calling for all Democratic to stand up for background checks and against The NRA. Yet, the polls show Beto is not ready for the Presidency in my opinion his numbers don’t add up and i am sure pretty soon his backing will dry up some.
  5. Andrew Yang, while it is a great gimmack to say you wil give every American Adult a grand a month for a year, it is not enough to get him elected. People will flock wanting the funds, but in the end, he comes up short on many issues and relies mainly on giving out money. It won’t fly folks.
  6. Tom Steyer, another Billionaire running for office, it’s getting old folks. I know he wants badly to impeach Trump and I do too, but he will not get my vote for that alone. Nor is he going to get my vote by buying his way into these debates. Keep fighting for Impeachment Tom, but drop out now before you kill a real candidates chance of beating Trump.
  7. Tulsi Gabbard, Miss gabbard is a brave woman who served and is a Veteran and smart one too. But even she must realize by now, her chances of getting the democratic Nomination are slim to none. I recommend she dropout now and back one of the top four or five, and have an input on the Democratic Platform at the Convention.
  8. John Delany, again we face a candidate who is trying all he can to get noticed, and is failing in the polls. Please Mr. delaney for the good of the Party and country drop out soon.

The rest know who they are and they should drop out also. The longer you prolong this and stay in the less time you give the top candidates to fight Trump directly on the issues and weaken the parties chances, of winning in 2020. There is one common factor all agree on no matter your position in the polls and standings, ALL WANT TRUMP DEFEATED! TO DEFEAT TRUMP ALL MUST BACK ONE CANDIDATE WITH ONE VP NOMINEE!


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