Some Serious facts! My Opinion !

Too many claims by President Trump about so many things are just pure bullshit! He has never made one company or got one company to return from overseas that has left.

He has never honestly, finished any border wall parts, he has had fences repaired and painted is all!

The economy he claims is his, is not his, it belongs to Barack Obama, the murdering and destructing of it is Trump’s with his tariffs and his isolation tactics.

He has not created a new health care system as he promised when he commenced to destroy Obama Care! Nothing has been created, but he destroyed how Obama Care worked due to his interference in it.

He wants to destroy Medicaid, Medicare and Social security also.

I do tire of people who think Trump is the cat’s meow so to say, this man Donald J. Trump is not a President, he is a selfish person who is out to make money off the presidency is all.

On top of this we have to put up with him killing environmental laws and destroying the planet we live on, and not caring about the climate crisis at all. I remind all 2045 is not that far away, and the planet is heating up, glaciers are melting, oceans are rising, temperatures are rising and the land masses decreasing. Where will your children, grandchildren and future generations go. The closest planet that may support life is over 330 billion light years away, how do we get there to survive?

Being a selfish, uncaring narcissist, who doesn’t have any empathy for immigrants, women, and children getting caged at the borders, lying to the american people on the average of 45 times per day, unable to get along with allies and foes, and failing at negotiating with other countries like Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran and Iraq is not good for the United States. He has no leadership abilities and no logic to his thought patterns, he is erratic and dangerous.

If America, re elects Donald J. Trump in 2020, I will tell all of you thing now, you may as well get a software program called Babel, and learn Russian! He is selling America out to Russian and Putin daily.

He has the backbone of a spineless jellyfish Donald Trump, he is afraid of taking on the NRA, he is afraid of Background checks, Mental Health checks, licensing and registration of firearms. He is afraid to stop bumper stocks and military weapons from being on the streets, large magazines and high velocity rounds. He is afraid to shut down Gun Shows and tell Gun Store Owners they can’t sell military weapons and semi-automatic weapons that shoot high velocity rounds. This is not a President, but a money grubbing, con man, who lies daily to all of the World and America.

He plays golf so many times, he has no time to accomplish any real item at all. It’s sad, it’s like he thinks he is King Donald J. Trump and can do whatever he wishes, when he wishes and drag us with him. I have a message for Trump Supporters and Donald J. Trump too, simple and pure, 243 years ago America fought Britain and King George for our Independence, we don’t need a King , we don’t want a King, and I know for myself, I don’t want a President who thinks he is a King and acts like he is one. The Trump Presidency must end, in one term.

As the Farmers watch their crops rot in silos and lose money and farms close down, as malls go empty, as the economy bounces up and down and the stock markets due to Trump’s tariffs, is anyone watching how Trump has made enemies for us, out of Mexico, Canada, Britain, Germany and many others, with his tariff war?

Is anyone paying attention to the fact we have a real climate crisis on our hands and an American President who says it does not exist and ignores all scientific facts? He calls the scientist full of it and doesn’t believe in global warming. You can’t argue facts Trump, but you can be a denier of them for sure and you are, but at what cost to the world?

Is anyone aware of the damage Trump has done, is anyone realizing that Pittsburgh, Pa’s. people need jobs still, that the job market is not as robust as Trump says, that malls are closing left and right, that factories have disappeared and shutdown? Has anyone noticed people drive older cars as long as possible because we can’t afford newer ones?

Trump doesn’t believe in wind and solar power either, the windmills cause cancer he says what a joke, he says the windmills make noise, bullshit. He should be working to make more windmills, better ones, he should be lowering the cost for more Americans to go solar and change over from fossil fuel cars to electric ones. Instead he denies Global Warming exists, is he aware his children and grandchildren and great grandchildren will have to live in a world with unbreathable air, less land mass and rising oceans that can flood and kill human beings too.

The Global Warming, Climate Crisis is not a panic button game folks, it’s not a lie it’s real, as forest burns, oceans rise, hurricanes and tornadoes span the globe, and the planets atmosphere begins to deteriorate, Trump whistles and denies all of the above like Nero fiddled and Rome burned. Why?

Money is all Trump wants, as he has Air Force Pilots and teams stay at his Trump resorts and collects the taxpayers money for himself and comes on tv making fun of everything he can. Trump believes he can win re election by just having fun and having no serious answers to serious questions.

Will you not ask him Americans, will you not hold him accountable for his Obstruction of Justice crimes, his lies, and more? What is wrong here? Why is Trump not being held accountable and made to react, Congress and that means both Houses, need to wake up and act now. If ever there was a President in American History who needed to face Impeachment and criminal charges, it is Donald John Trump. The sad part is, not one Republican Senator has the gall and balls to stand up and call Trump on his bullshit or question or go against him. Cowards come in all forms folks, and in my opinion Republicans are just plain outright cowards who kiss Trump’s ass so they can stay in office.

The time is coming soon enough when Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham and their Republican cohorts who won’t act to Impeach will face their own failures to act at the Election Booths. They will face impossible odds at re election in their own districts and states, they will face blow back and competition like they never have before, why, because they are backing a man who care nothing about the American People they are representing, those people will see it. Their eyes will open soon enough as the farmers ache, the factory workers don’t work, their social security gets cut or their medicaid or medicare. Or their food prices and clothing prices and housing costs rise, they will see it, it is coming. What else is coming and being predicted is actually a recession folks, and if that hits, I hope and pray you have money stuffed away in safe paces. For once a recession hits and the bottom falls out, there is nothing to catch us all!

Maybe you think I am wrong, maybe you think I am being too liberal or I am off balanced here, but I am not. I only give what I see as the facts here. If you disagree, you have every right to do as you please for this is America and that right exists for each of us, individually. Yet, in the end, even if this is just my opinion and thoughts on all of it, I remind all, if you have a right to your opinion and to speak your mind, I do also, it’s America!

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