A Mix of Subjects, for Today!

I am disappointed by many teams in the NFL so far this year, one is the Minnesota Vikings. They paid Kirk Cousins 84 million and he is failing to produce and do the job he was signed to do. He is sloppy with the ball, and he is not playing with the intensity he needs to for them to win.

Drew Brees’s injury is not good for the Saints or himself. Given time, Bridgewater could put it together and take over.

Cam Newton is just not playing correctly and needs his O-line to protect him more. The Injury to Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh will damage the Steelers chances this year. Matt Ryan shows he can still play and win!

Now onwards and upwards so to say. Next subject!

As oil prices start to jump due to the strike in Saudi Arabia, and Trump opens oil reserves to cover it, one has to wonder, why open our reserves? The Saudi’s will have more plants up in 48 hours or so, for them this is just a brief interlude in production, they will recover fat, they make their living on oil.

Politics is always a subject with me and my blogs, and I think Americans have to face the possibility, of a political roller coaster ride to the 2020 election next November. The Candidates are lining up on both sides, Democratic and to Trump’ worry Republican too. When asked why they are running, the Republicans which include Weld, Sanford and Walsh all say the same thing, someone must stand up as an alternative to Trump for the Republicans. Kinda tells you something doesn’t it, if you stop and listen!

Anyway, I don’t want to go deep today into politics or sports or any other subject, today is September 16th, 2019. For myself and my wife, we are now, together 26 years and married 19 of them. I thank her for putting up with me and hope we have many more to come.

In the meantime we continue to fight her cancer, she has breast cancer stage 4 folks, it has spread to her bones and she has gone through so much. She has had radiation treatments, chemo treatments and seen the chemo stop working now, we are on immunotherapy treatments for her. Once the chemo of taxal failed to work anymore, immunio was brought into play. It seems to have knocked her tumor markers down lower and halted the advance of the cancer at this stage. So, in her case it is holding the cancer where it is and giving her a chance at more life. Her color is back and her hair too and she is more energetic then before. God Bless her!

As we start out 2oth year of marriage together I pray we shall make it through to 21 and more. God Bless Folks! Have a great day!

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