Trump has zero accomplishments to his Presidency

I tire of the reports each day of Donald J. Trump messing up, threatening other countries and lying to the American Public, don’t you?

I tire of a President with no empathy for others, I tire of a President who threatens and does nothing but talk, and I tire of a President with no real idea of what the hell he is really doing. He has zero accomplishments in his almost three years in office and that is sad. Yet, he can spend our tax dollars on Golf and have fun, plus collect our tax dollars at his resorts and hotels.

The economy he wants to claim, was never his and he hasn’t done a damn thing to improve it, if anything he has destroyed it and all Obama ever left him. He did the same with Obama Care/ Health Care Act. He destroyed everything he could about it and the Supreme Court stepped up and stopped him from killing it completely.

He has screwed up our relationships worldwide, pulled us from the Climate Accord, Pulled us from Trade Agreements and tariffed countries left and right. Mexico, Canada, Britain, Germany and France all are angry with us. China is fighting back but using tariffs against us in their own ways.

He has screwed up in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and North Korea which is still making and launching missiles and testing systems to reach American shores with their nukes. He failed in all of these areas, and he went to the United Nations and got laughed at, no other American President in History has ever been laughed at there.

He attacks people of color, women, and then cages women, children and families at our borders. What is wrong with this man?

I will tell you, he is erratic, unstable, selfish, stubborn and foolish for starters. He is a liar, proven many times over and lies to the American People almost every time he opens his mouth. It’s sad!

Donald J. Trump is The Worst President in American History period!

He promised to bring jobs back from overseas, failure, he promised to create good paying jobs, failure. He failed the coal miners in Kentucky, He failed the Iron Workers in Pittsburgh, he failed the car workers and they are now on strike. Failures abound under Trump, and everything he touches suffers.

I turn my television on each day to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and more all reporting on people calling for Trump’s Impeachment for many different reasons. The call grows louder each day, as we watch him stumble, make wrong calls, fail in so many areas it is hurting America’s standing in the world and killing any leadership we had.

Other countries look at President Trump and go, what is wrong with Americans, electing such a scumbag, lying, con man, who has no common sense or guts? Yet the Trump Supporters, blindly fall in line and do the old Yes Sir, Yes Sir Three Bags full Sir line and back him still!

Trump has zero accomplishments to his Presidency, zero and yet the blind Trump Loyalists still back him, and say he will be re elected. If Donald J. Trump gets re elected I recommend all Americans get themselves a copy of the program they call Babel, which teaches different languages, and it better be a copy of the Russian one. He is selling us to Russia and he is in fact Putin’s Puppet!

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