The Dangers of Donald J. Trump!

The Intelligence Community is a proud one dedicated to protecting America and it’s people and our democracy in every way it humanly can. So why would a member of the Intelligence community become a whistleblower and turn in an Urgent Complaint About Interactions between the American President and a Leader Of another nation? Is this a political ploy by the agent to draw attention to something or to try to take Trump down a peg or two, in the public’s mind, or is it a real matter?

As the Investigation gathers steam in Washington and the Intelligence Community has to answer to Congress for it all, if it is found to be true President Trump made promises to a leader of another nation he should not have made, what happens next? What consequences can a sitting President face for such an act, and who can do a damn thing about it all?

Some are angry a whistleblower exists in the Intelligence Community and want to know why a whistleblower is even in the community never mind making an Urgent Complaint against a sitting President. Other are saying it is a necessary step and needed action afforded in the Community to give Agents and intelligence Personnel a way to bring forth wrongdoing by a sitting President or White House Official. Whichever the case, we can be sure that whatever promise was made and to whom, will ultimately come out and be addressed in someway, for it has now become a major issue in Washington.

Did President Trump breach Intelligence and make a promise he should not have? I can not say he did or did not for I am not privy to what was said and how it was said or why it was said. But, I can say this much, after President Trump was elected and in the Oval Office we see him on TV and yes it is recorded live, telling the Russians how he had to fire James Comey, cause Comey was a pain and in his way and making a mess of problems with him over Russia. Why did he do that and so publically too? The real question that now raises its ugly head not for the first time now, but for the second or third time, is simple, is President Trump compromised by the Russians? Why does he favor Putin and Russia, and refuse to acknowledge the Russians involvement in the 2016 Presidential Election? It’s already been proven they did so, and that Putin was directly involved in it, so why is he protecting Putin and Russia constantly?

I remind all, the Intelligence Community does not take it’s job easily or without care, they do a job that protects all of America and all of the People and the Country too. For a whistleblower to come forth in the intelligence community this way, is a big deal and a serious thing, for they don’t blow the whistle on the White House or President, and wouldn’t unless it was a major issue and concern.

As all of this goes on in Washington, and Senator Adam Schiff finds himself in the fray and trying to get the answers to it all, we the American People must now face the Question we are all afraid to answer, is Donald John Trump, Mentally fit to be President? Is he losing it, and if he is not losing it, was he ever fit to be President, his actions say otherwise.

This incident is a far worse item to come out then many over the past going on three years of the Trump Administration. I submit to the American People, is it right for an American President to: one talk openly to Russians in the White House about the firing of an FBI Director, to post publicly security photos of other nations on the internet and now to make promises to leaders of other nations he should not be doing?

As a disabled veteran and a lover of America and all it represents, who served 16 years, and damaged 6 discs for her in service, I ask all veteran’s all americans, one question, did we, the veterans of America and Service Members sacrifice and give our all, so an American President can sit down and make promises and give up secret photos and more to our enemies and get away with it all? Why is an American President doing this and what consequences can come from it and who or what is he endangering doing it? What about the National Security of our country, and can Trump be trusted to ensure it and protect it now?

I have been saying now for almost three years that he has been in office the same things over and over folks, Trump lacks stability, he lacks common sense, he is a narcissist, a con man, a liar and a man of limited intelligence who thinks he knows it all better than his advisors. He has fired more Administration Officials then any President before him. There is a revolving door on the White House now folks and it is not good for America! Trump believes he knows better than everyone else and as all should know by now, no man is an island unto himself, history has proven it, time and time again.

As Congress stalls on Impeachment, and the Senate refuses to come along on it, protecting Trump left and right, the evidence is building up heavily now. Whether the democrats started too early or late on an Impeachment Inquiry I don’t know for sure and neither does anyone else, but one thing is certain is, America is living through the worst Presidency in it’s 243 year old history. The danger from Donald John Trump is real folks and now more dangerous than ever before. If Congress, both the Senate and House can not act to Impeach this man, then the American People must act on November 3rd, 2020 and vote him out! The Democracy and Republic and it’s Independence we have, are now at stake here!

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