Questions to Consider now? /Opinion

Now we have the WhistleBlower controversy, whom did Trump talk to, what did he say and how many people did he talk to about it, and why? If it is to Ukraine and it’s leaders, what information did he want from them regarding Joe Biden and his son? What were his plans to use that information for and what was he offering the Ukraine’s in return for the information?

As this continues on and it will because we are dealing with a National Security Issue here stemming from an American President, answers need to be found to all of the above questions and so much more.

Why is Trump trying to hide the information and refusing to tell us anything and stopping the IG from giving all of the said information to Congress? What is in it and why is he hiding it all?

The same can be said of Trump’s taxes folks. Why didn’t he release them when running for President or since? What’s in his taxes that he is suing the State of New York to stop them from seeing his tax returns?

Everytime we turn around Trump is filing another suit to stop people from seeing any records associated with him, his finances,his taxes, or other matters. He is telling people who worked for him, near him or in his White House not to answer Congress’s questions about their time in the White House, why is that folks? What is Donald John Trump hiding and what is he so scared of?

The biggest of all of these events or controversies is now this Whistleblower event! Why is it so large the security of the United States as a country is at stake here is why! No President has ever used the Office of The Presidency to further his self for personal gain ever before and now it sure looks like Trump is doing just that. What Quid Pro Quo is he offering to the Ukraines for information on Joe Biden and his political opponents and ex opponents like Hillary Clinton and why? What is he offering in return for this information he is seeking, military aid to Ukraine to help fight Russia, weapons maybe, or just money? What secrets is he revealing folks and for what personal purpose?

The above questions regarding this Whistleblower complaint which has been determined to be Urgent by the IG, must be addressed and revealed to Congress and The American People! Exactly what happened, when did it happen, why did it happen and did Trump realize he was doing it? If he didn’t it would make him mentally unstable and dangerous as President and if he did, it would be twice as bad, because it is an intentional act by a Sitting President to use the Office for his personal gain.

Congress should now, take this directly to the Supreme Court, and ask them to tell Trump and The White House to let this information come forth to Congress and the American People now. File directly to the Supreme Court and make it a high priority case immediately, and push it. Answers are needed now, not after the 2020 election begins or ends.

Trump says he can’t be investigated by Congress or anyone else while President, he is wrong under the Constitution and the Laws of The United States. No one is above the law, not even a sitting President, want proof, look at Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton folks. Trump must be treated like they were, and faced with what will happen to him if Impeached, Removed, or Resigns. The time is here, the time is now, Decision time is here America, Trump must be made to face Justice for all he has done! We can not wait and let him drag it out till the November 2020 election, at least for Justice purposes and to stop further damage to the National Security of our country!

The circumstances have as of the revealing of this Whistleblowers complaints have changed for the Nation and its Security, America must be protected and not sold out or used for Trump’s personal gain and needs. Act Now Congress, take it to the supreme court and release all the information regarding the whistleblower case to the American public for our viewing it is time! It’s time to bypass the lower courts and take it straight to the Supreme Court!

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