Would You and are you still gonna re-elect this man?

How many illegal acts by a sitting President, are we to endure, before Congress takes some action and starts full-fledged Impeachment Hearings?

Trump lies to the american People at least 24 times per day. He has shown aerial photos that were top secret to the public by way of Twitter, now he has called the Ukraine and asked their leader to investigate Joe Biden his opponent for the 2020 Presidential Election! He is narcissist, con man, bullshit artist, and a fact and phoney. He won’t act on Gun Laws or Background checks because he fears the NRA pulling funding from his re election campaign. How mush further can Congress allow this man to go and endanger America and it’s safety and security without acting?

His Impeachable acts began long ago right after he got elected and stood in the Oval Office and gave Russians information on the firing of James comey as FBi Director and it has continued throughout his term.

Sadly, the Republicans seem to be just ignoring the truth, and they keep backing him and protecting him in every way. If Obama did any of what Trump has done so far, the Republicans would have tarred and feathered him and ran him to jail. Sadly, the Republicans are blindly following this man and letting him do as he pleases and that in and of itself is as dangerous as it can get.

He is using the Office and position of the President of The United States to increase his own wealth, he is using it for his own political gain and top gather evidence against his political opponents, and no one is stopping him! It’s time, the Republicans come to realize, Donald John Trump is a narcissist, he is a liar, a con man and a thief. He has no respect for the Law or the Constitution of The United States.

What bothers me more than any act Donald John Trump does as President, is the fact The Republicans from The Senate Majority Leader on down all just fall into line with anything Trump says or does and stay in line like three blind mice, being led to slaughter. Don’t they understand the American People are watching, we see all that is happening and all they are not doing to stop it all. Does McConnell and Graham and the other Republicans really think they will not be held responsible for it all? because if they think they won’t they should start looking at the polls in their own states and their own campaigns, their numbers will show it soon enough. The people of Kentucky will not get their coal mines back, The people of South Carolina will not win in this upcoming election either. There is silent wave coming, a silent call has gone out an dit is being heard by all people in America, and many will pay the price for what they have allowed DOnald Trump to do so far. So, go ahead McConnell, go ahead Graham, keep blindly following and backing and supporting Trump in all ways you can. You are putting at stake your Senate Seats and your political position in the Republican Party too in all American minds and hearts.

As The Whistleblower case gets further along, and the facts come out, someone must ask a question now, Why would a sitting President of The United States call and ask a leader of the Ukraine not once but eight times to open an investigation into Joe Biden’s dead son and Joe Biden? We already know Trump got Russian help against Hillary Clinton now he is trying to get outside interference and information from Ukraine too! Why and doesn’t he know he is breaking laws?

Now here is another question to ask about this WhistleBlower case, why does Trump say it is a partisan person behind it all, when he in the next sentence says he doesn’t know who it is really? Does that make sense to you, I know it doesn’t to me!

As we get nearer to the Election Cycle of 2020, and Joe Biden is currently holding the top position for the Democratic Nomination, why is Trump needing help from another country? What does he fear, that he is asking other countries for help in gathering information on Joe Biden and his dead son? And what kind of respect is this showing for Joe Biden and his son Hunter who died? None if you ask me, all Trump can see is he wants Re-elected, screw respecting anyone else’s right or feelings in this matter.

It’s a sad statement for sure and a sad show for Trump and his Republican cohorts at this stage. Polls are showing in many states Trump trails Biden by 10 to 15 points at this time, he trails Warren and Harris and Buttigieg too and Sanders. So many Polls, so many different states are saying the same, so are they right? I don’t know and many will say, you can’t believe the current polls we are still too far away from the election, but can all of them be so wrong? You tell me America!

Now we sit and listen and watch as Trump sends numerous American Troops to Saudi Arabia to help protect the oil refineries and oil tanks filled with fossil fuels that are killing our planet. Who are we to be protecting Saudi Arabia’s oil resources and why should we put at risk out military personnel to do so and our money and equipment? remember Saudi Arabia killed an American Journalist and refuses to acknowledge they did so or apologize for it. They have paid no price for that murder and now we are sending troops to help them? What’s wrong with this picture?

Many will say I am wrong, many will say look at what Obama did, my answer is this, Obama is in the past, he has been gone for almost three years, so has Hillary Clinton folks. Why do the damn Republicans keep bringing them both up, simple to distract from all they and Trump are doing is why? They lie so much the Republicans and have no proof of anything they say about the Democrats that ultimately they begin to believe their own lies and follow Trump blindly. You want proof just listen to Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Jim Jordan and others. They act all mad and yell and scream when anyone says anything about Trump period, like little kids in a playground protecting a playmate, it’s sad. They need to grow up, see the facts, admit the facts, and shut up and act like adults. The Truth is simple and true, Trump is a dangerous narcissist, a liar, a con man, and a thief and he is stealing money from our government as American Military personnel stay at his hotels in Scotland for instance, and Uncle Sam forks out over eighteen thousand bucks to Trump. It’s illegal for any Sitting President to profit from being President, is that not clear folks, or don’t you read the fine print?

LOok the illegal acts of Trump started early in his Administration and we all know it, the firing of Sally Yates, the firing of James Comey, then the battle with Jeff Sessions to protect Michael Flynn and more. The revolving door on the White House is now in full automatic mode and running crazy daily or weekly. What happened to Trump only is going to bring in the best, guess that failed huh?

The failures add up folks big time, his destruction does too. He failed in Iran, Iraq, North Korea and Afghanistan. He has angered China, Mexico, Canada and even Britain and France and Germany too with his Tariff wars. He has angered South American Countries left and right, with Sanctions and so much more, we are isolated here in America and no one is realizing what he has done. Wake up!America is not an island, we can not stand alone nor should we have to. Trump is forcing us to, add in the damage to jobs, the failure to bring any back, his denial of climate change and his pulling us out or the Paris Accord on the Environment. His breaking up of Nafta and forming his own organization, don’t you get it, he is dismantling anything that is decent or helpful to America and leaving us out there on our own.

I can go on and on here but, what is the sense, for the Republicans and Trump’s supporters are indeed blindly loyal to him in all ways. Trump seriously thinks he could shoot people dea do an american street and they will still vote for him! My question here is simple, Would You and are you still gonna re-elect this man?

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