Number 45 must go, Vote him out come November 3rd, 2020!

The debate right now between the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi is a simple one really and i have heard some say, it’s a disgrace not to impeach President Donald Trump, but has anyone looked at Pelosi’s reasoning to not impeach at this time.

First off the plain truth is, Donald J. Trump has committed so many impeachable offenses it is getting to be ridiculous and hard to keep track of them. They are so numerous it is shocking and appalling I agree. Yet, here is a problem with IMpeachment at this time, time itself!

To Impeach Donald J. Trump would take months and months of efforts and assembling of members of the House and senate and numerous debates on the floors of Congress. Since Donald J, Trump will have only one year left as of January 2020, why waste the money and effort right? I can see Pelosi’s reasoning, because she wants to beat him in the Election itself and do so soundly! The purpose is so the American People make the decision to get him out of the White House not just The House of Representatives. Pelosi also knows the resistance is formed in the Senate and led by McConnell and Graham, and they will fight any Impeachment charges full force in the Senate and block the completion of his Impeachment. So you see it is a two sided deal here, The Republican Senate will fight any attempt to Impeach Trump and The House will vote to Impeach. So what happens then?

Trump then would be able to come out and say see they can’t Impeach me I told you so, and use it to bolster his re election campaign. It would give Trump something to scream and yell about and attack over,wouldn’t it and you can be sure he will use it, because he will try to do whatever it takes to remain in office.

So, what will happen now, well, lets stop and think, 1) The Charges and articles of Impeachment will more than likely be draw up and written. he hearings will probably be on television, as they talk about Trump breaching America’s Security, his lies and so much more he has done. The only real question remaining is not whether Trump is guilty, because he is, but whether his supporters will change their minds in anyway possible.

I offer this as a view for all Trump Supporters, 1) Michael Flynn, pled Guilty awaiting sentencing. 2) Paul Manafort in prison and done, 3) How many other shave given up their lives and freedom so Trump can be President, please count them all. I really don’t have time for the full list here or space in my blog for them all. 34 people were convicted and 3 companies charged in the Mueller Probe alone. Stop and think of that one will you.65 Individual people have been fired, or resigned in the Trump Administration so far and i am sure more will be coming. Doesn’t that tell you something, America? I know it tells me, that Trump never learned to play nicely with others as a child and it carried over to his adulthood!

Trump’s current approval rating is 43 percent folks, now subtract 43 from 100 and you get what, 57 Percent disapprove of Donald J. Trump as President. Guess what Trump supporters, better than half the nation disapprove of your man in the White House. He is an embarrassment to the Nation, to the Republican Party and the American People and the world. Amazing isn’t it, you Trump supporters voted for a loser, aliar, a cheat, a con man and a fool. He fails at everything he touches and the facts are the facts he fails everyday.

He fails domestically, he fails economically, he fails in foreign affairs worldwide, he got laughed at in the United Nations also. He failed in North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and now he is sending troops, our troops to Saudi Arabia to defend their oil refineries, and they killed an American Journalist and got away with it because of him. Sad!

What angers me most about Donald John Trump, is simple, he had the balls, to call up Ukraine and ask them to help him dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his son Hunter, so he can use it in his campaign for re election. He did so using American influence to pressure the Ukrainians to do his bidding withholding military assistance over their heads. What kind of a President is more interested in protecting his campaign over protecting America? He was hired to defend and protect America and it’s Constitution period folks, not to use America’s military equipment and power to sway another country to give him information on a political opponent! Misuse of Power period folks.

In the end the offenses and breaching of American laws by Trump is unbelievable and so numerous it is impossible to list them all here. Add in the fact he’s doing absolutely nothing on Gun Laws or Military weapons on Americans streets, or background checks and licensing and registration of guns. He is allowing Gun Shows to sell military weapons and our children have to hide in schools from mass shooters with these weapons and large magazines full of ammo. I wonder what he would ay if a shooter with a Ar-15 or an AK-47 burst into his son’s school?

He is killing Medicare and Medicaid folks, he is attempting to kill Social Security also. He is leaving millions of Americans with no healthcare coverage period, guess who pays for it then we do out of our taxes. No Person can be refused healthcare in America, so they will just walk into Er’s and get it as needed and we pay for it. Ever think of that one Republican supporters and Trump Supporters?

Look I can go on and on and on, here, there are too many mess ups, and too many mistakes, too many intentional acts of destruction and hurt against Americans and even our allies to mention here. In the end Donald John Trump is the Worst President in American History, Number 45 must go, Vote him out come November 3rd, 2020!

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