Donald John Trump is not a King, he is not above the laws of the land, no man is!

As pressure mounts in Congress and in the United States against President Donald J. Trump’s actions in the WhistleBlower case, we wonder how long he can stonewall Speaker Pelosi and the House, from getting the transcripts of his phone call to the Ukrainian President about Joe Biden! How long must America sit and listen and put up with a lack of action by Congress, by Speaker Pelosi and The House and Senate, on Trump’s lawless, and dangerous Presidency and his actions while President?

As the Polls show the Democrats beating Trump in almost all states in the United States for 2020, he continues on his lawless ways, preaching racism, hatred and lying. He fails in North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq and angers them against us, he slowly destroyed the American economy by way of his tariffs against China and Canada and Mexico and his so called wall, is a fence that is unnecessary and can be climbed over and it’s been proven already. Want Proof :

Image may contain: sky
To be clear this is not photoshopped or added to it’s real!

There ya go folks, Trump’s brand new wall/ fence all painted and pretty and climbed! Now he wants more money for it and is stealing it from the United States American Military Budget, and hurting Military bases and military families to do it! The so called fence or wall is nothing more than a painted fence that is already in place and now has a plaque saying Trump built it. Another Lie! Sad, isn’t it, folks, the lies do mount up left and right against Trump.

Now, The Whistleblower case is the most dangerous and extreme thing Trump could have done to openly defy laws and Congress and the Constitution as President. He openly asked the Ukrainian President to interfere in the United states Presidential Election of 2020, by dissing out harmful information against Joe Biden his political opponent. This is after he already used Russia to help beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election, get the picture here! Trump doesn’t care about laws, he c=doesn’t care about the Constitution, he doesn’t care about free election of Democracy, he cares about one thing only Donald John Trump staying President!. That folks shows you how narcissistic, how selfish, how corrupt and how empathic and morally unstable Trump is, in and of himself. He wants to stay in the Presidency not for the country’s well being, or to help the American People but to protect himself from charges of crimes he has committed as President, so the time limits wear out and he never faces any charges. He will stoop to any levels necessary to stay in power, to protect his own ass from criminal charges and possible jail time is all.

The Time has come now with the Whistleblower case and information now public and coming more public daily, Congress must act. They should give Donald J, Trump the same alternative Congress gave to Richard M Nixon, Resign or be Impeached Immediately. even if the Senate Republicans won’t go along the House and The Democrats should start the proceedings and and present all the evidence they can for his impeachment to the American Public and i don’t care if it interferes with his re election or the election process. In the end the truth must be presented to all Americans and be told, if not it will happen again with another President, who will think well, Trump did it and no one acted I can too. we can’t let it happen again!.

If Congress does not act, then we have a crisis of ultimate proportions on our hands here. For we have a liar, a con man, a huckster, a narcissist, criminal as President and that means we shall be approving and approving the next President of the United States and their followers to get away with the same things Trump has done too. Is that what you want Americans, You want future Presidents to break the laws, act like Kings and do as they please to get re elected and run our country into the ground and hand it over to Russia or other nations? Do we as the american People, want to allow President Donald Trump to get away with all he has done, and set a precedent for future Presidents to follow and get away with the same? You tell me America, You tell Congress, you tell The House and The Senate, whether you want this precedent set and carried forward or stopped here?

Do you want the precedent of corruption, misuse of power, narcissistic behavior, criminal acts, lying, conning people and isolating America from the world to be carried forward in America? Do you want American Presidents to act like Kings and Rulers, or did we not win our Independence from such beings, in 1776? Donald John Trump is not a King, he is not above the laws of the land, no man is!

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