What’s next folks, Will Trump openly sell America to Russia and Putin?

Line are being drawn across America’s landscape this week and during the Trump Administration. Lines that should not be drawn and because you are for or against Donald Trump the two sides are becoming increasing angry, violent and at times, more.

Lines need to be drawn I am very sure and I stand firmly on my side of those lines, against all that Trump is doing to America. He is destroying it from the inside out, under the direction of Putin and Russia and in my opinion should be tarred and feathered and rode out of Washington, DC on a poll!

I have said this publically more than once and recently I said it on Twitter also, in a Tweet to Jake Tapper of CNN to find myself, blocked from Twitter for threatening harm to another person, which is bullshit really. I said it and meant it in the same way, the Americans said it and meant it about Benedict Arnold back in the Revolutionary War, here in America. The truth is Arnold sold America out to England and the King back then, today Trump is selling America out to Russia our mortal enemy.

Lines are being drawn between people and organizations and political parties in many ways. But, the sad part is social media platforms are doing it too like Twitter has done in my case. People get banned, or suspended or blocked for 24 or more hours when they attack President Trump when it come to Twitter. Twitter is now a Trump Tool not a social media platform that allows open conversation and controversy at all. If they think you are attacking Trump in anyway they will block, suspend or ban you from their platform and that is sad indeed. It has now happened to me and I believe just because I said Trump should be tarred and feathered and ran out of Washington on a pole. I was told I threatened someone with physical harm by saying that, can you believe it folks. I didn’t at first until it actually happened. It’s a sad, sad world when a social media platform does these things in favor of a President, a politician or political party period.

Line are now drawn not only on social media platforms, but due to President Trump they are being drawn between races, colors, different sexes and more His racism, narcissistic behavior is tearing the very fabric of America apart. The danger is that if it continues folks, the divide is going to cause racial wars, sexist wars, and hate wars to erupt on American Streets and nothing will be accomplished or is being accomplished at this time, the tension, stress and discriminatory behavior is killing America’s social structure. People are taking to the streets with military weapons and killing innocents, yelling you can’t take our guns, and they just do it and get away with it because they can! It’s sad because we have no leadership coming from the White House at all, Trump is incapable of giving any.’

Congress and Mueller Investigated Trump for criminal behavior and produced the Mueller report and Trump laughed at it and ignored it folks. Then a few days later, he called up the ukrainian President and asked him to dig up dirt on his political opponent JOe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. He shut down aid to the Ukrainians before he did so and then withheld said aid in a way to threaten Ukraine unless they did his bidding and gave him information on the Biden’s that would help him in his re election. Illegal, Misuse of Power, Corrupt and dead wrong. A sitting President can not call another countries leader and withhold assistance or money or any other thing, just to get information on a political opponent, it’s wrong and a misuse of Presidential Power, period. Whether Trump withheld the military or monetary assistance to Ukraine does not matter, what does matter is, a Sitting President of The UNited States used his political power and position as President to demand or request information from another nation regarding private American citizen and his family, for political purposes. It’s a breach of Presidential constraints, a breach of American ways and Constitutional law period!

Trump will say, I can do as I please, but he can’t and shouldn’t be able to folks, he is abusing and misusing his political power and position as President, period. He has crossed a line that has been in existence for 243 years without a President crossing it once, and he thinks he can get away with it, and his Republican cohorts all are Yes Sir, Yes sir Three bags full siring him, and letting him do it.

This Whistleblower incident will grow more folks, why, because the fact is the Republican senators knew about it when it happened and they let him do it anyway.That makes them just as guilty as Trump in every way, possible, they are indeed complicit folks, and guilty themselves of not stopping it or Trump! They allowed him to go ahead and do it and did not stop him when they found out, so they are just as guilty period.

Trumps crimes are now growing, and unless COngress acts to stop him, he will continue doing as he likes, it can only get worse! What’s next folks, Will Trump openly sell America to Russia and Putin?

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