Can you spell COMPLICIT! Impeachment Inquiry!

After countless times of not starting an Impeachment Inquiry Speaker Nancy Pelosi had no choice in finally launching one yesterday. Numerous times in the past year or better, she was pushed to start one, yet she declined and resisted, but this time President Donald J. Trump went too far, and she had no choice.

Resisting all laws the way he is and breaking them is just too damn much for anyone in America, even an American President to do. Sadly, America must now go through an Impeachment Inquiry once more, as it has done only three other times.

I have written in my blog before of the first three Impeachment Hearings and actions taken by Congress and people just blew it off and said in comments to me, I was being stupid and didn’t know what I was saying, it would never happen, well here it is folks. denial of the facts and Congress’s responsibilities is not possible in American Politics, you can run, you can avoid and you can distract, but in the end, when a President threatens the Republic and the the Democracy of the country, it happens.

President Trump is releasing the WhistleBlowers statement today and his phone conversation with the Ukrainian President too. He hope the phone transcript will take some heat off of him and clear up his position and we shall see what America and The Congress thinks once they read both. If he mentioned Joe Biden, or his son Hunter in the phone conversation and asked for the Ukrainian President to investigate them in anyway, well they story will snowball forward fast here in America.

As to the Whistleblower complaint, let me say this, it matters not who reported it, who the whistleblower is, it does matter what he said and what it really means. It’s a matter of adding onto past High Crimes and Misdemeanors Trump has already committed. Some will say, well if that is the case, then why wasn’t an Impeachment Inquiry started sooner, simply put the American People and some in Congress did not fully understand all that the evidence points out President Trump has done since elected.

So, I won’t go any further as to what exactly the Articles of Impeachment if written will say or even be titled, for i am not a politician in Congress. I will like many American await the results and the phone call transcript and whistleblower statements, and see what happens next, but from my point of view after reading Mueller’s report and then all of this happening now, Trump is in trouble and he knows it. All depends on the evidence in each High Crime and Misdemeanor the House puts together and how it is presented to America and it’s people.

Some Trump supporters are screaming this is wrong, he didn’t do wrong, well evidence is evidence so that will tell the story here. Diehard Trump supporters are already up in arms across the country and on social media platforms defending Trump and trying to support their man. How it will go from here is a guess, I do not wish to make. I only know what I believe and I do not have political googles on colored red or blue, mine are clear as all I will look at is the evidence, and we shall see.

My blogs of the past, speak of how I feel about President Trump, and his behaviors, his actions and what he has done in a little under three years in Office. My opinion is my opinion and I personally don’t approve of him, his ways, his actions and his law breaking and his thinking he is above the law, no one is in America.

We shall see, what happens to Rudy also, and Trump’s other hired Attorneys too. One fact needs to be pointed out here before the transcript and statement both come out today. The Republican Senate knew of Trump’s actions and words before any of this broke and they did not act folks. So, that makes Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and other Republican Senators and Republican Representatives complicit in all of this. They knew and did not act to stop Trump, not a one of them, they just went along with it all and protected him. Can you spell COMPLICIT!

Now we shall see what happens next, Speaker Pelosi did her job and weighed the evidence and talked to her caucus and reached the decision to move into the Impeachment Inquiry status, we all must listen now, closely to all that comes out.

What’s at stake is the Laws of the Land, The Rights of American Citizens and A President running amok and our standing in the world. Also at stake is our Democracy and Republic and it must be defended and saved.

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