The first President to go from the Oval Office to a Prison Cell somewhere?

Today’s Hearing in Washington, Dc revealed that Trump and his supporters in the White House set up a second computer system and server to hide vital information that is password protected and used by very few in the White House. On the server is the rest of the information and phone calls they did not want seen by anyone else, so who set the server or computer up and why, and who ordered the transfer of information ad deletion of information from the original one? That should be a major question at this time for these committees investigating and heading up this Impeachment Investigation.

Trump is digging his hole deeper as he sits out there publicly admitting things and then, threatening the whistleblower and those who helped him, reveal the truths. No president should be talking like he is going to punish the whistleblower and those who helped him in the old fashioned ways we did things in the old days. It is outlandish and stupid of him to say these things and childish too on his part. It is obvious, he is under danger and reacting to it, all one has to do is listen to his speech and watch his actions. He is threatening people for telling the truth and it is out right wrong.

The holes got deeper for President Trump, with the Whistleblower complaint being released and the telephone memo, that came out. They actually back one another up in all ways and raise numerous questions about it all. Sadly, there is no way for Trump to avoid what is coming, he can rant, rave, complain and threaten all he wishes, the only thing he will accomplish doing so, is to put himself deeper into trouble and under greater scrutiny.

I recommend and I will state this clearly for Chairman Schiff and those on his committee, you need to get a warrant and approach the White House and it’s staff, and present them with it requiring access to said server/ computer and all the information on it and include instructions they are not to destroy any information on it. Otherwise Trump and his cronies will indeed delete all on it leaving you with no evidence.

Next one must take on the Rudy Giuliani, problem full force and head on. Rudy is not even a licensed Attorney in Washington, DC, nor is he capable of practicing there. The real question is, does Rudy even have an active Law License at all? If he does, did he pay his dues for it and is it active at all!

Who is Rudy Giuliani to be running around and talking to other countries and trying to find information on Joe Biden, his son, or any company they did work for. It is totally ridiculous that Rudy believes because he is Trump’s so called lawyer, he can do as he pleases in the name of The United States overseas? He is not a part of the administration, he is not a government employee and he has no security clearance at all. So who set Rudy to do all of this he did, DOnald J. Trump is who, illegal!

Sadly, it is going to get worse folks, Trump is guilty on so many counts it is sad. His behavior has never been Presidential, he has no idea what a President is or what a real one does.

As this all grows and it will as we can see on all news channels out there, Trump should sit down, and think it through fully, because he is worse off than he thinks, he has no defense at all. He should consider where this will go next, I see it ending in only two ways and neither ends good for Donald J. Trump.

I think he will face the same circumstances ultimately that Rich Nixon faced in the end. The Articles will be drawn up and presented, The House will almost certainly Impeach him and it will be up to the Senate what they do next. When it reaches the Senate and it will be presented and sent to them I am sure, Trump will be offered the same deal Richard Nixon got, Resign or get Impeached and Removed forcefully from office. Now whether he wishes to admit that to himself or those around him wish to tell him that as of yet, well that is another story in itself.

In plain English, Donald J. Trump is guilty of lying to the American People, Misuse Of Power, Corruption and Abuse of Power. He is also now guilty of a Cover-up that is sadly, a big one.Even if he is not convicted, by Congress, of a Bribery Scandal, with the Ukrainian act, he is still guilty enough, he should know, resigning may be the only way to go for, him! Unless of course he fights it all and goes from a President in a suit and tie, to a man in an Orange Jumpsuit behind prison bars!. Is that what you Want Donald J. Trump, for the history books to record you as the first President to go from the Oval Office to the Prison Cell somewhere?

History is already recording all Donald Trump, it is recording all your conversations, your attempted and completed criminal acts and lies, so, which is it, Resign or be Impeached and Jailed?

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