Welcome Donald Trump to the Hall of Shame!

Many are wondering now, what will happen after the Whistleblower report and the phone conversations have come out and the public has heard them!

Well time will tell, but from what I have read and heard of both, the President of the United States overstepped his bounds, and did what he wanted to get information on his possible opponent for the November 2020 election cycle. There was no this is for America, or The USA, this was do me a favor and find Hillary’s emails and while your at it look up Hunter Biden’s dealings in your country and feed me the dirt so I can take down Joe Biden. It’s sad indeed!

Then you take in the part of a lockdown or the phone calls and information on a seperate computer server, and it has a password to it only certain people can use, and you go really, what else is on that server? Are conversations with Putin on that server, and all of them kept private by Trump so no one sees them? Or are there any on there with Israel also, and Maduro, or any other dictator like Kim Jung Un? And what Quid Pro Quos are hidden with some of these leaders that Trump offered? Do we know?

Who controls the hidden server, which White House Officials have access to it and have the password? How fast can Congress gain access to this hidden server/ computer, and can they reach it before it is wiped out by someone in the White House? Nixon did it with the Watergate Tapes, what makes anyone out there, in either political party think Trump won’t too?

How much do Pompeo, The Chief of Staff, and The Vice President know about it all and what is the chance of one of them having access and the password to said server/ computer too? Shouldn’t Congress move now to protect that server computer and get a court order to it, and force it to be opened for them to see what is in it? I think so, it may contain some very important answers to some questions, like why is Trump always kissing Putin’s ass, and making kissy faces with Kim Jung Un and others? We need these answers folks and Congress should work over time to get them and to protect and retrieve that information. Not only for legal matters of Impeachment mind you, but for American History records.

Now I need to address, some who are becoming angry over my blogs and statements regarding this matter. I am not a democrat, I am not a republican, I am an independent and I am not swayed by political pressure, or words of anger, by either party. I am swayed by facts, and the facts in this case prove beyond a reasonable doubt in my mind certain things.

  1. Donald J. Trump is corrupt and dangerous and unstable! He shows it daily with his actions, reactions and statements.
  2. He lies daily to the American Public and he has lied so much he actually believes his own lies.
  3. Donald J. Trump uses the Office of The Presidency like a Mafia Don rides his empire.
  4. Trump’s behaviors, his statements, his actions and his reactions are not those of a normal President, or a so called stable Genius as he calls himself.
  5. Trump’s association with Giuliani is dangerous and Giuliani is dangerous also, he is like a loaded shotgun, loaded and aimed at other countries. He has no Security Clearances, he doesn’t even have an active Law License to Practice in the city of Washington, DC, and maybe not at all.
  6. Giuliani should be arrested now, for he is acting as a emissary of the United States and is not even in the Administration or elected by the American People!

How many of Trump’s Administration have backed Trump up through all he has done and are protecting him at this time? Who has the password to the hidden server computer and how fast can Congress get a court order to get it and get the information on said computer/ server? It needs done like yesterday!

My concerns are for the safety of America and The United States as a democracy and a republic, for we now know, Trump will extort other countries and make deals he should not be making! The Founding Fathers created the United States for religious freedom, political freedom, freedom of speech and and so much more. Not so one man like Trump can sit in the Oval Office do as he pleases, and break laws left and right, and get away with it all, especially when it affects the national security of the country we love.

Trump said he wanted to be on Mount Rushmore, he couldn’t get there in anyway possible and never will. But he will now have a bust in the Hall of Shame of Presidents, with Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and William Clinton! Welcome Donald Trump to the Hall of Shame!

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