Trump is Guilty and Dangerous!

I was watching CNN last night and Chris Cuomo and his guests, debate and discuss the current crisis in Washington, DC and the White House. As I did, he had a woman on, I did not get her name, who defended Trump and said he did nothing wrong, in approaching another nation to interfere in our Presidential Election of 2020, this I could not believe.

She boldly sat there and said there was nothing to charge the President with and he wasn’t guilty of anything. She is wrong. I myself know, as many out here in America know, he is guilty of many High Crimes and Misdemeanors that will shortly be turned into Articles of Impeachment.

  1. Misuse of Presidential Power
  2. Using a foreign Nation to affect an American election not once but twice.
  3. Conspiring with a Foreign nation to undercut an American election, Conspiracy is huge here.
  4. Covering Up, the facts of his involvement with Russia, Ukraine and other nations, in illegal acts.
  5. Lying to the American People on the average of 24 times per day alone.
  6. He told the Russians, he wasn’t concerned with their interference in the 2016 election, in 2017, and said America does it too, to the Russians.

The above are just a few possible Articles of Impeachment just from the Ukrainian Affair and letter, and the telephone call released by Trump himself. Add in the Mueller Report and all he did then to block it, hide it and more and he has buried himself in very damaging information on his own. Add in his use of The Attorney General as his personal attorney and the mess grows even deeper for he has corrupted the American Justice Department. There are too many things to fit in my blog, he has done.

Now let’s talk about all the people who left the Administration under Trump who he either fired or forced out. What of the ones who were convicted during the Mueller Hearings and Reports? The crimes they committed because Trump told them to, like Michael Cohen who was his fixer and attorney. Trump did and would do anything to stay in the White House and in power period, it’s sad.

His record shows he has accomplished absolutely nothing on top of it all too. Zero accomplishments but plenty of damage he has done to Health Care/ Obama Care, the riling up and promoting and talking of race and discrimination and more. The man is a narcissist, a con man, and a liar in all ways. He is trying to get re elected based on false promises and lies and by using the NRA and it’s money to pay for his Impeachment Defense Funding now. Hasn’t he learned yet, you can’t bribe someone or an organization for political purposes or to use them to get elected. What is wrong with him? He persist at illegal acts everyday in Office.

Next on Friday, yesterday, Senator Mitch McConnell, said it finally, If The House of Representatives Impeaches President Donald J. Trump, then I have no choice but to put Donald J, Trump on trial in The Senate as a part of the Impeachment Proceedings! Legally McConnell understands he must do so as part of the whole Impeachment Act and it will have to happen.

Now, many have said, Trump will more than likely get Impeached in The House of Representatives, but he won’t be removed from Office because the Senate will not vote to do so. I submit, here and now that the same exact thoughts existed in the case of Richard M. Nixon in the 1970’s, until the Senate received all the evidence from the House of Representatives, examined it all and added their own investigative information and started passing the Articles of Impeachment, that were then written in a bipartisan way. Two out of three Articles at that time had already passed The Senate Chamber and were voted yes on and the third was on its way to being approved too, when Barry Goldwater and other Senators sat in the Oval Office with Nixon and told him, Resign or be Impeached there is no other way to go. Nixon did not want to be Impeached, but he knew it was coming and the only way to avoid being the first President to be fully Impeached was to resign, so he did. It was also the only way for him to avoid being sent to prison once convicted. In Resignation he had Ford to save him.

I tell all this, because Trump will be reaching this tipping point soon enough, he will be facing his own party coming forth and telling him he will be Impeached and will have only two choices, let them Impeach and Remove him Forcefully from Office in Disgrace or Resign in Disgrace, but he won’t be able to stay either way. Sadly, he will point fingers at The Democrats and say it is their fault, or others and say it wasn’t his fault. In Truth, it is any President’s duty to uphold and defend the constitution of The United States when they take office, and it also their duty to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to the position they hold as a leader of America and the World. The world and America and it’s citizens look to the American President to be a shining example of Democracy and the Leader of our Republic, Trump has failed at it.

For those who are like the woman who was on Chris Cuomo’s Show last night on CNN, I say this, open your eyes, look closer, take off the blinders you wear trying to be a blind loyalist for Trump and realize what is happening before your eyes. You can’t keep denying the evidence, the facts, and Trump’s lack of caring, his lack of empathy, his lack of stability, or his narcissism. His lies abound and grow daily, Trump must go, before he gets worse and does worse to America.

I hope and pray, that as this Impeachment continues along and the pressure mounts on Trump, people will keep a close eye on him. He has his finger on the Nuclear Button of America’s arsenal, he has control of America’s Armed Forces, and a family history of instability, shown clearly by his older brothers suicide. So many things can happen now and I pray we have a system in place, that will watch Trump closely as he falls into depression, sadness and struggles to deal with what he has done to himself. The rest of the World and America don’t wish to be taken down with him.

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