So, my question is how many Republicans will take a sword for Trump?

Impeachment is one thing, that is currently happening in America as the House of Representatives gains steam toward getting it done. The evidence is overwhelming and unbelievable that an American President would extort a leader of another nation, to get information on a political opponent, in our next Presidential Election! It’s sad and in and of itself one all Americans should be paying strict attention to, and realizing, President Donald Trump did it, and there is proof.

That said and told now, I remind all, there is still a Presidential Election Cycle ahead of us as Americans, one where we must pick a person to lead America in the battle for climate control changes, in recovering economically, in pulling troops from wars we don’t belong in and stopping the waste of money on a wall that is never going to get built on the U.S. / Mexican Border. I bring this up because too many Americans are trying to blur the lines being the next Presidential election and the current Impeachment Inquiry.

The Impeachment Inquiry was set in motion due to the facts of Trump’s conversations which have now been revealed for all to see with the Ukrainian President. His recordings and the memo have revealed him asking for a Quid Pro Quo, even though many of the Republican Party say it isn’t so. The key line is simple and clear, the Ukrainian President asked for Javelin Missiles and the next sentence Trump says is, There is one favor I need from you though.! There is all I need to hear and see without the rest to tell me Trump breached his Oath, and the Security of the United States and tried to extort a favor in a election process in America, from the Ukrainian President.

Trump then had the nerve to ask the Ukrainian President to look for the server with Hillary Clinton’s emails in his country. I remind all, Ukraine had nothing to do with the 2016 Presidential Election, Russia Interfered in it. Then we hear of Trump telling The Russians, I don’t care if you interfered in our 2016 Election. Wow is all I can say, he encouraged them to do so again in 2020. Sad.

One more thing that has come to light, where is the second server/ computer, who has access to it, and what is on it hidden from all of us? When do we see that folks?

My point is this for all who read what I am saying, The 2020 Presidential election belongs to us The American People to decide not Russia, not Ukraine or any other country, it’s ours to determine. It is also a separate issue from the current Impeachment Inquiry. The election of 2020, belongs to every american who is registered to vote and who legally has that right, not Russia, not Ukraine, not any other country. It is ours and in the end we must determine as Americans do we want Trump re-elected or do we want a new President?

The Republicans are finding themselves in a quandary right now, they don’t want to abandon Trump, he has declared he is running for reelection. Which just by his declaration makes him their nominee in the 2020 election. Now, due to the mess he has accomplished and now put himself into, should the Republican Party still let Trump have the Nomination? Or should the Republicans wake up and realize, they are running a man who has burned his bridges, accomplished nothing as President and breached the security of America in more than one way already? Do the Republicans really think, they can win a second term for Donald Trump after all that has come out, between the Mueller Investigation, Russia, and now Ukraine? And why do these states who are shutting down Republican Primaries think they can legally get away with it all? Why is it being allowed and why doesn’t someone file a case with the Supreme Court to stop it all?

Trump has now three competitors in The Republican Party for the 2020 election, don’t they have a right in these states that are shutting down the primaries? I believe they do, they have a right to be on all ballots in all states, period, Shutting down primaries in states is a breach of all voting rights.

As the Impeachment Process moves along, and I remind all, it is still an Inquiry, it does not become an Impeachment until certain actions are taken. 1) Articles of Impeachment must be written and submitted to the Full House of Representative first. Second The House membership must vote by a majority to Impeach based on those Articles of Impeachment presented. Once that Majority is heard and they vote Yea, then President Trump is Impeached in the House of Representatives. Just as what happened to Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and William Clinton.

The Senate then has no choice once Impeachment passes the house then to take up an Impeachment Trial, based on the articles of Impeachment as sent up from The House. The Supreme Court than becomes involved and the Chief Justice must sit the case in the Senate, making sure it is presented in a legal way. and done properly. There must be a two third majority for conviction in the Senate. The only way Trump is removed from office is if the Senate votes in majority to remove him based on the articles of Impeachment. I bring this up because many Americans don’t fully understand the process or know history well concerning impeachment procedures.

Which in the current state of both The House and Senate raises a major problem. The House Is a Majority of Democrats who already have the votes to Impeach Trump, on record. Once it passes the House and goes to the Senate, it becomes Official number one, and number two the Senate as we all know is a majority of Republicans, who will staunchly defend Trump it seems. If that happens and they stay defending him, Trump will be Impeached in the House but not convicted by the Senate, making his run for president a serious question to be determined at the polls come November 2020.

Here is the real Problem for the Republicans, many of their Senate seats will be on the ballot in 2020, as well as many House seats. If the Republicans fail to act and Convict Trump, they better be sure they are on firm ground with their decision, because if they aren’t and Americans see that, we are not stupid or blind, then the Republican Party might as well hang up it’s shingle and put up an out of business sign.

Look, I am an independent speaking here, what we are watching right now is the worse breach of trust, policy, and Powers of The Office of President in American History! It is being backed up by Republicans like Mitch McConnell, and Lindsey Graham and a few others in The Senate. They must know by now, that by backing Trump, defending him and saying he did no wrong, with all the evidence to the contrary now out there, they are putting their political lives on the line as well as their Senate seats and the Republicans in The House will be facing the same thing come November 2020. So here is the major question for all those republicans out there supporting Donald J. Trump, Are you all willing to lay yourselves on a sword for Trump and take the hit that will kill your political careers?

I have heard the staunch supporters of Trump, I have seen them, in their red hats and online and on the streets at times, but their number is diminishing as we speak. So, my question is how many Republicans will take a sword for Trump?

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