The Processes Underway, Impeachment and Election!

As I listen to the News everyday, and wait to see what happens next in the Impeachment Saga that now engulfs Washington, DC and America I am noticing a pattern that I have noticed from the beginning of the Trump Presidency, get worse now.

From day one when he was sworn in Trump has attacked his predecessor Barack Obama in anyway he can. He has a bigger Inauguration crowd than Obama, a bold outlandish lie, proven wrong in videos now.

Then he began to attack Obama’s Administration in ever way possible he can for anything they did and he tried to kill anything attached to Obama or Obama’s legacy. To me I write it over to a revenge mode he is in due to being embarrassed and humiliated by Obama prior to the 2016 election, at a public affair/ dinner he attended.

After he became President, Trump couldn’t let go of his 2016 Election Opponent Hillary Clinton either. Hillary lost and acted like a person with dignity and manners and walked away from it all. Trump just won’t let go of it or her, he attacks her daily when he can in one manner or another. he is still doing it today, he is trying to hunt down Hillary’s emails almost three years after he got into office, why?

For all Trump supporters out there today, this is not normal behaviour for a man of seventy some odd years old, nor is it adult behaviour. Even a child knows to let go of past actions by others within a reasonable time, and to forget and forgive, Trump doesn’t. Why is that?

Now he is in deep trouble with his telephone call released and more over the Ukraine action and more, and the first thing he does is try to find the server with Hillary’s emails on it in Ukraine, get off of it Donald. Then when told they don’t have the server in Ukraine or Hillary’s emails, he goes on to ask for dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden, unbelievable folks. and in case you didn’t read the telephone conversation correctly, there is a quid pro quo in it, when he said the word though at the end of asking for a favor from the ukrainian President, before releasing the military aid. It’s sad, illegal, none Presidential and in the end a breach of his oath of office and the constitution of The United States. What responsable, so called stable genius, would do such acts and think they could get away with them? A man who thinks he is King because he is President is who!

I remind all, 243 years ago, America won its Independence from Britain, and it’s King George the Third. When we did we swore to never come under the rule or thumb of a autocratic, king, or ruler of any kind in America again. We swore to remain independent, free and to make up our own government, by and for the people. We did not swear to support a narcissistic, unstable, lying, dangerous individual, who is compromised by Russia and Putin, and siding with Dictators across the world. yet there are many Republican and Trump Supporters who are doing just that with their blind loyalistic actions.

As the Impeachment Inquiry goes forward now, one day at a time and more comes forth, we must all now not sit back and let Trump and his people control the way this goes. He will lie, cheat, steal and do whatever it takes to attempt to stay in Office. His supporters are playing blind loyalist in this and won’t even look at the evidence as it comes to light, and that will be their downfall also, because as Trump goes down so do they.

There have been some who say, if the House of Representatives vote to Impeach Trump, the Senate will not even hold a trial, they will ignore it. Sorry folks, but The Senate has a Constitutional Duty to hold the Senate Trial part of the Impeachment process and they can not and will not avoid it. Ask Senator McConnell yourself folks, he has already stated it.

I remind all that when this Impeachment Inquiry began, those in support of it only number in the high 30 percent range. Today that percentage has risen to over 55 percent folks andot is growing as more information and revelations of what Trump has done come forth. It will grow and there is no way for Trump to distract, deviate,hide or run from what is coming and he knows it too.

His supporters in his own party are low key and not screaming in his support anymore, they are now a little more cautious and worried, but still some reluctantly back him. Time will show the truth here and as it does, they will peel back and drop their support of an illegal, President who is selling America to Russia. They will in the end have no choice, for idf the Republicans stay with trump, they will go down with him and just as fast as he does too.

Here is the story folks all must understand now. Being President of the uNited states of America is not a game, it is not a fun time to go golfing and partying, it is not a time to make deals to further your own business and make money!. Trump was voted into Office to accomplish specific things he promised and he has failed to produce. return Jobs from overseas, build his stupid worthless wall between America and Mexico and make Mexico pay for it, Install a HealthCare System to replace Obamacare if he destroyed it, which he hasn’t done at all. He has also knocked us off the leadership platform for the world in many ways no other President in American History has ever done. No American President has ever gone to the uNited Nations to make a speech and been laughed at before Donald Trump, and i pray none will ever do so. He has removed us from The Paris Accord on Environmental Clean-up, he has killed NAfta basically and Tariffed our allies and enemies to such a point they are fighting back with returning tariffs. His Tariff wars has hurt out farmers, our auto workers and our economy too.

My question is how far will we the American People let Trump go, how far can we afford for him to go, and do as he pleases as he is doing?

As I have stated before, the Impeachment Inquiry is just that an Inquiry, it is to gather evidence against a sitting President for illegal, immoral and unethical acts, while in Office and it shall go forth. When the Inquiry finishes and all is gathered, and the House Votes and says Yea at least 218 times in votes, Trump will be Impeached!

Then it will be all eyes on The Senate, Senator McConnell, Senator lIndsey Graham and others Republicans, to sit the trial and hear the evidence for trump to be removed from office or to stay. The Senate has no option other than to hold the trial for Impeachment once A sitting President has been Impeached by the House of Representatives. There will be the Trump Loyalists who will claim no case has been brought, there isn’t enough evidence and more trying to save him. In the end it matters not how much they yell, scream or try to make it sound, not as bad as it is, in the end a President has acted wrong and needs examined for removal from Office, it is heavy process or act to go through for sure and The Senate knows it, for there are many still left from the Clinton days who remember the heaviness of this one.

In the meantime as America watches and the world too, we sit and watch the Debates and the election process continues in America for the 2020 Elections. The only sure way to make sure Trump will be gone is to beat him at the ballot box, and in the electoral college, The best way is beat him on the issues, on his record and lack of one, and in the end by outright being better than he is. I can only hope and pray he doesn’t get a second term, for in his first he has almost sold America to Russia as it is.

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