Impeach Donald J. Trump and Remove him now!

Ok, we have now reached a stage in The Impeachment Inquiry where a call must be put out for a republican or some republicans with some guts and brains, to stand up and say enough Mr. President, Enough this must end!

Sadly we have a bunch of Republicans in the House and Senate who are running around making excuses for Trump’s behavior that ranges from he did nothing wrong, there’s not an impeachable offense and other bullshit ways of defending him. Trump is guilty as sin, he breached the oath of the Office of The Presidency, he invites enemies to interfere in American Politics and it’s elections and did so boldly and he won’t stop. He is obsessed with the 2016 election, he is obsessed with Hillary Clinton and he is obsessed with why did the Mueller Probe begin and now the Ukraine Probe too.  The answer to each and every one of these questions is simple Donald J. Trump’s behavior and tactics. No one else is responsible for any of it except the man at the top himself and we all know it.

I remind the Republicans, at least your party had the guts to stand up to Richard M. Nixon and tell him it was over, why aren’t you doing so now, to Donald J. Trump? Are you afraid he will send people to put opponents against you in the November 2020 election and try to take your jobs? If so, I remind you, if you like your jobs as Senators and Representatives and all the benefits with it, then you better do your job and save the Republic and Democracy you were put in place to do. If you don’t, it won’t matter if Trump stays or goes, you will go, the American Public is watching and voting not Trump!

How far will the Republicans let this go, how many more rants and raves must we see from a Sitting President? How many more countries that are our enemies will Trump open himself up to blackmail from, in order to try to stay in the White House?  Is this what we want, a puppet President, who cries wolf and depends on our enemies to stay in office and does their bidding for them?

Many cry but Hillary was dangerous, she did this or she did that, or Obama did this or Obama did that, that’s all in the past and dead the 2016 election is far past. Why doe sit matter to Trump why Clinton did or Obama did, is this not 2019 three years later after Trump won the Presidency or not?

Sadly, the Republicans are holding the same hates and untruths up and yelling right along with Trump. Wake up republicans you are now, in 2019, it’s October 2019, which means you have under 12 months to wake up and react here before the new election comes about. At this time in 2020, one year from now, Voters will be preparing to vote for the next President, do you really think Trump can carry the Republican banner now? I don’t!

He has no right to withhold military aid to a country just so they will investigate his political opponents for him? he has no right to open himself and our country to blackmail and pressure from other countries, especially our enemies! Yet, the Republicans diddle and daddle and screw around supporting him and play games, it’s sad.

As time now marches on and more and more information and evidence of all that Trump did and approved, it will only get worse, the pressure will get worse, the government will blog to a standstill and America will suffer more. We will have verbal fights over Trump his actions and ideas, His behavior and no one will get a damn thing done. So, what should we do?

As a nation, we should now encourage and push both parties the Democrats and Republicans to come together, to work together, to remove cancer on the nation, cancer on our country and Impeach Donald J. Trump and Remove him now!

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