Tell the Republicans Enough is Enough, Trump Must Go!

A question for the Republican Party and all its current office holders in the House and Senate, What will it take for you to Impeach and remove Donald J. Trump?

Does President Trump have to actually shoot someone on the street, to get your attention to Impeach him?

Isn’t it bad enough he used Russia to get the Presidency in the first place?

Isn’t it bad enough he has contacted China, Australia, UKraine and other nations trying to have then dig up dirt on his political opponents?

Isn’t it enough that he has failed at diplomacy world wide in all areas and has the United nations laughing at America?

Isn’t it enough, that he has tariffed our allies and enemies almost the same, he has angered Mexico, and Canada and Great Britain too?

He’s failed with North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, he can’t negotiate himself out of a paper bag, and yet you Republicans don’t believe he should be Impeached and Removed?

How is it possible you can Impeach Andrew Johnson for firing a Secretary of War, Richard Nixon for Watergate and a Break-in and lying, and Bill Clinton for lying and a damn blowjob, but you won’t Impeach Donald J., Trump?

I hate to say this, but the corrupt, and lack of care and inability by the Republicans to act at this time is making America look like shit in the world, angering the 55 percent of American who want Trump Impeached and the World is laughing at the USA because of all you Republicans.

So lets see, what else can Trump do to get Impeached, What must he do for the Republicans to wake up and go OH SHit, We have to Impeach him? Someone please tell me!

I remind all Republicans, this election coming up in November 2020, will clear your party out of the HOuse and most of the Senate if you don’t react and move to Impeach Trump, if you don’t believe it, you better start polling now.

The Republican Party was once the most trusted party in America and it was at one time the most respected also. Today it is a Party of fools, idiots and Trump backers who care nothing about America! That is sad to say but true!

He has broken so many laws and his Oath of Office so many times we are becoming immune to it, it seems. The republicans just go, Oh That’s just Trump being Trump and let it slide. Or they go, he didn’t really mean it he was kidding!

His kidding and didn’t mean it things, are costing America jobs, healthcare, status on the world stage and so much more. Our farmers are hurting, food is being wasted the world’s climate crisis is advancing and the Republican Party is not reacting to any of it. He is using military funds to build a wall on our southern border, we don’t need and leaving military bases and families needing schools and more for their children. Yet, the Republican Party is going to stand up and try to stop him from being Impeached?

Mitch McConnell has stated he is going to stop the Impeachment of Donald J. Trump, someone tell me why he would do that. The evidence is overwhelming Trump is guilty of so many crimes, so many cover ups and so many morally and ethically wrong things, yet McConnell and Lindsey Graham and a few others remain his staunch defenders out there why?

My question is simple, if what we have seen and heard so far between the Mueller Report and iNvestigation and the current Ukraine Investigation and Impeachment Inquiry is not enough to remove Trump by way of Impeachment, then tell me what the hell is?

What will it take for the Republican Party led by Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and McCarthy to Impeach Trump? Why won’t they act and get on the Impeachment Wagon so to say, tell us Mitch, tell us Lindsey, tell us McCarthy, what will convince you?

As I see it right now, the battle for all republicans will be to hang onto the seats they currently have against a flood of voters who will want them gone come November 2020. Across America I hear it daily, we are tired of hearing about Trump, his issues, his lack of ability, his lack of caring and his list of crimes and lack of accomplishments. How long must America suffer at Trumps hands before Americans will wake up and tell the Republicans Enough is Enough, Trump Must Go!

How much more must we as Americans suffer at Donald Trump’s hands, before the Republican Party wakes up and joins the chant and push to remove Trump from Office?

Americans if you want Trump Impeached and Gone, write the texts, write the emails, call your congressmen and women, call your Senators, and lets tell them, Trump must GO, Enough is Enough!

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