Reflections of my Life

I have done many things in my life and I started young and I haven’t always been right, or wrong, I have been true to myself though.

As a child I ran, like the wind, avoiding others whom I could not befriend.

I watched as my mother tried to give me away, and fought back to come home each night and day.

As I grew older I cared for my younger siblings, it wasn’t supposed to be my job, but I did it as long as I could. It was Me.

When the time was right I escaped once again to a world of military life and trying to do good.

I served in three branches of service you see, from The U.S Army, to The National Guard to the Navy at Sea. I did 16 years and gave it all I had, I wasn’t great, but I wasn’t bad. I own 5 DD-214s, all say Honorable Service from me.

I had two daughters in my first marriage, and I carry my memories of them when they were small, for their mother took them away after all. I never gave up and saw them both again, I hope they will remember me as their father and friend.

I married a second time and rebuilt my life, yes indeed a second wife.

We settled in me caring for her and her for me, we did our best and stayed happy. Today we sit at 19 years of marriage and 26 years together, how’s that for a relationship carriage?

The home is paid off, the cars are too, today I watch her and she watches me, too.

I write and play games and do work around the home and keep her company, so she is never alone.

We have fought our way from the bottom up, and we have not, nor will ever stop.

We fought cancer hers first, and kept her alive, each treatment and doctor a good long drive.

Each hour of watching, listening and seeing her through, made me know, I love her too.

We survived her first bout and she went in remission, so while she did, we redid our kitchen. We cooked and we laughed and we invited family and friends, and yes I know, we would do it again.

Then a call came and I got cancer too, we stood together and I made it through.

Her cancer came back next and by then you see the house was all paid and the cars were too. We were living a slow happy life, right through.

Today, we sit in a house we built and it is ours you see. We laughed and we cry, and we hope and we sigh, but each day it is we, not you or me.

Time will tell what comes next, and only God can say what’s best. Time rolls on and we age you see, but she will always be a beauty to me.

We muddle through, we see others say goodbye and die, and when we do sometimes I cry.

I cry for the loss of the ones so good, those who we know, and knew in many ways.

But all of us, it seems must face the final days.

So, when you get to the point we are, don’t look down, look up for a star. Look to the sky, look at the stars, look at the planets and god, up there so far.

Look at your life and reflect, stop and think, did I do it all yet!

For as we all know, we all have to go, but we are only called back, when we have done our part and we are done, doing what we must, from which we did come.

There comes that time, and we see it each day, by those we knew and know, who have gone away. They get called back to from whence we came, and we know eventually, we will have to face the same.

So, when I do go, I just want to know, I did right for those whose souls, I know. For when I meet the maker you see, I want him to accept me. I want him to know I gave my all, and that I did try and I was sometimes too small. But when it mattered most, I gave my all, Thank God Almighty, for he will know.

I was taught when young and now I remember oh so clear, He Sees All, He Knows all, He Hears all, and that is what I have lived by. So when I am called and say goodbye, I don’t want anyone to cry. For I did what I felt was right for all involved, and made my life what I thought should have evolved.

I could not change fate, I could not control all that did happen and this I know. The things I could choose, and those I could help, I tried my best, and did what I could, I know I am no star, living in hollywood.

My dreams were never fulfilled, I just hope as my life winds down, that I helped some who I cared for as the,y and I were around!

This is my reflections of my life and how it feels as it winds down. I know it is not the same for all, who are around!

Each of us I firmly believe, were put on this planet for a mission to do, Once we complete said mission we were sent to complete, we are recalled back to the Lord for our souls to keep.

William M. McCurrach- 10/07/2019

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