Personal Perspective ?

Ok, as I age, I have seen too many things, they seem to ring in and out of my memory and pop up now and then. But we all dream, we all seek, we all find and we all seem at times to change our mind, don’t we?

Do people influence you or do you influence people? Do people listen when you speak or do they ignore you? Do you show respect to others and they respect you back? If so, than you were raised right, for that is how life should be, mutual respect for one another goes along way, in life.

If you found a wallet full of money would you return it full as is or take some? If you had a friend of the opposite sex you rally liked and wanted to be with, but they were with someone else you knew, would you move in and go for it or let them be? For me I let them be, for it seemed to me that’s what they wanted both of them.

Or how about, have you ever had a relationship you regretted or wished you had avoided or said no to? I know I did, and once i figured it out I ran and never turned back!

Have you ever ran into an old girl or boyfriend said hi and hung out with them for a while, only to find out they were upset you were there and didn’t say it?

Or have you ever ran across a old girlfriend or boyfriend online in social media and said hello and been told suddenly I don’t need you in my life from them and you never had any intention of going there, you were just being friendly?

Ever notice how some people grow up thinking the world is out to get them, or wants them, when in fact people avoid them, I have seen it.

Or how about the ones who can’t let go of the past and keep reliving it, by making the same stupid choices they did in the first place?

Life isa mish mash of things, from the people you meet to the things you do, and even right on down to the sex you have and who you screw! I know it seems crazy to say, but that’s the truth of life each and everyday.

Ever notice women never talk about how they lost their virginity or to whom, men go bragging on who they lost theirs to, why is that?

Many silly things like that happen in life and many differences between men and women are always present too.

Life spins on the decisions we make as we grow older, we settle into the worlds we do, because we are either one, forced by circumstances, two have chosen where we want to be and make it work, or in the end we flow with fate as it goes. These are things everyone knows.

In the end, I have thought and wondered many times, why am I here on the earth, at this date and time. I have come to a conclusion as I age, that a being smarter, stronger and more powerful than us humans, has put us all here for a reason. The reason we are all here is to complete certain missions and we go through life without fully knowing what they are, but once we finish them all, we get recalled to the place from which we came. It’s not what we can accomplish for ourselves, it’s what we do for others, that is what life is all about.

Whether you helped a brother or sister as a child or a friend, or you grew up to be a woman or a man, and helped others in more ways, that is your mission on earth for that day. Each day the mission accumulate and get completed as you go, when your list is complete, then it is time for us to go.

So as you go through life and laugh and cry, smile and sigh, or just watch the days go by, remember there will come a moment in time, a day in time, when you will react, you will do what you feel is right, and that will be the last mission you will do in your life. It’s not about the money you make, it’s not about things you have or accumulate, it’s not about your personal pleasures or needs, it’s about the ones you help, who are in need.

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