If The Republicans do not act and Impeach and Remove Donald J. Trump?

I believe the Trump Supporters elected a President who does not know what the three branches of Government in America are, nor does he understand the laws of America, or the rights of the People of America.

We all know by now he has no Idea what the Constitution is or what it means, nor does he seem to understand why the Bill of Rights was written, any of them. He believes for some reason he is above the law and can do as he pleases, and he can’t.

As the Impeachment Inquiry continues along now, one must look back at The Mueller Report also and combine this mess into Trump’s follies or Trump’s crimes!

There are at least 10 Charges of Obstruction of Justice outstanding from The Mueller report, and still leads into Trump colluding with Russia there, he must face.

Now we have the Ukraine Phone call, the withholding of military aid to Ukraine for a favor. And all the blocking of the subpoenas and members of the trump Administration from testifying before Congress. Two Whistleblowers coming forth and telling it like it happened, and now a decision must be made soon by The House and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, that decision is simple now, when do you hit Trump with Articles of Impeachment?

As the country barrels toward an economic recession, and a Election season, we have a President who is trying to run rampant over America’s laws and constitution and do as he pleases. never in American History has any President ignored Congress, their subpoenas and requests for witnesses and documents like this. It is just not the way the American System works and it shouldn’t be allowed.

as long as Trump sits in the Oval Office, The House must now watch his every breath he takes, every phone call or text he may make and keep a tight rein on what he does. Trump is mentally unstable, he is dangerous and unreliable, plus a bigot, narcissist, racist, and a fool. The real danger for all Americans, even those who seem to still support Trump is his unstability, and the fact this man has his finger on the Nuclear button of the American Arsenal.

The House will have to act soon, and Impeach him, then they will have to send all information and evidence to the Senate for Trial. I say this because every trump Supporter seems to think out there, that if The House Impeaches him, it is also a removal from office, it isn’t. The Senate would have to Vote him Guilty of the Articles of Impeachment as presented by the House and then, if they vote yea, he would be forcibly removed from Office.

The sad part of this is simple, The Senate led by Mitch McConnell, has already said they will not vote to remove trump from office, so what does that leave us then? Trump would be in the same status as Clinton, which would be Impeached by the House but maintained by the Senate. Either way he would not accomplish a damn thing for the American People anymore than he is now.

here is what I would do if I were the speaker of The House at this point in time. I would hold the Vote for the Impeachment Inquiry and get it passed. Then I would use the same rules and regulations they used for Richard Nixon and present all evidence on national television for all America and the world to see. And when I say all, I mean all starting with the Collusion with Russia and going to the Obstructions of Justice in the Mueller report, tehn add in the Ukraine Phone call all records and texts and recordings of Trump’s phone calls too. But, I would do so in a streamlined way, using just the facts proven and place it directly in the hands of House Members and get them to vote Impeaching.

Once it was done and he was Impeached in the House, I would make sure all Articles of his Impeachment and all evidence included was pushed into the Senate’s lap and force them to take it up publically on TV. Don’t let McConnell and the Republicans, hide it behind closed doors and get away with just voting nay, make sure America hears it all, so each Senators state and the people they represent hear them speak on it, on the record. Hold the Republicans responsible for doing the trial correct and publically and make sure each Senator who supports Trump is recorded supporting him in aloud way.

Currently, 58 percent of all America say the Impeachment Inquiry should go on, 28 percent of Republicans support it and so does 38 percent of all Independents. Guess what Republicans, America wants Trump Impeached, and Removed too, and for some strange reason you all want to make excuses, divert, distract and avoid the true facts. Trump is not a Legal President, he is not Presidential in anyway, he is unstable, dangerous, a narcissist, a con man, a liar, and thinks he can run America like a Mobster!

If The Republicans do not act and Impeach and Remove Donald J. Trump, they will be just as guilty as him and they should be removed from The Senate and House also.

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