Action is needed not later, but now!

In the past three months, I have had credit card theft happen to me. First one credit card I hardly use at all was loaded up with purchases I would never do or even want and now a second has been hit in the same way. Seems the new plan and way they are doing this is with scanners from a distance that read your credit card information, as you use the card. I reported the first one that happened to Equifax and the other two credit checkers and issuers. Then by doing so, they put alerts on all my credit cards and check them constantly for weird or outlandish purchases and call me when it happens.

Credit Card theft is becoming huge in America and it is nasty for these people steal credit information and run up bills in the name of the card holder and unless you have notified the card companies, you will get the bills. For instance this last one that happened in my case. someone decided to go to Home depot and put over three grand on my credit card alone and then went to other places including even making a donation to the Make a Wish foundation. In the end the false charges to my account went over six grand almost to seven grand. The credit card issuer called me immediately and asked me if I made these purchases and cleared it up with me as fast as possible and issued new cards, telling me I do not have to pay the fraudulent charges.

The crime rates in America are getting worse each day as people get more desperate to survive, Police departments look at you like your crazy when you report these things to them and say well we won’t ever catch them, because they do it all online, usually. Well, then add cyber personnel who can trace them and catch them doing so, do your jobs and don’t just tell me it’s impossible to find them. Do the job, find the criminals and stop them is all I ask the police to do and the credit card companies and the stores also. People using my cards have hit levels of seven to ten grand in purchases on two of them, isn’t it enough for police departments, stores and credit card companies to chase them down and find them? I think a one dollar purchase on someone elses credit card is a crime, it’s not yours so don’t go there.

As people fight to survive drugs invade our streets, break ins are happening, stores get robed at gunpoint and sadly, people lose and some die. The desperation of the people in America is becoming more and more apparent as the American economy slips towards a recession, due to Trump’s tariff wars with other countries. The more we slip the more desperate people become, cars get broken into, homes, and people scan and steal credit too.

We have an America now in a crisis not just economically, but security waise and more. Each day trump opens his mouth and invite other countries to attack our election processes, so they do it to help him advance his political agenda and screw anyone else.

He has worked with Russia now to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton, He is asking Ukraine, Russia,Australia, China and other nations to investigate and dig up evidence and trash on his political opponents and people go oh no biggie. Wrong it’s a real biggie!

Each country that does this stuff for Trump, to help him stay in power will be looking for favors in return and they will ask him for them at the worst times for America and Americans. They will have leverage to blackmail the American President for whatever they want or they will expose him for the favors he has done for them. It’s not the way America is run folks and Trump really should be Impeached and Removed from Office.

Sadly, too many Americans make excuses for Donald Trump and his actions and statements as President. He didn’t mean it, he is joking, that’s just the way he is, bullshit! He means it and he does it on purpose, the proof is in the pudding so to speak, just ask The Syrians now who are being attacked by the Turks! He abandoned the Syrians and left them wide open to attacks by the Turks for no good reason, even Lindsey Graham his staunch defender said so and said Trump is wrong for doing so.

Look, it’s piling up folks, The Mueller Report, Collusion with Russia, 34 people arrested and charged, 10 charges of Obstruction of Justice. Now we have The Ukraine calls, his admissions of what he said and did in those conversations. It’s all public now and the House is still digging into it all. When will it be over, when is enough, enough? When will the House, The Senate and Congress as a whole grow a set and Impeach this man?

MItch McConnell be damned, Lindsey Graham be damned, and these Trump loyalist be damned. Trump has to be removed he is destroying, American Morale, America Morals, ethics and standards, running ramshod over our Bill of Rights and Constitution too. How far will Congress as a whole let this man go? Action is needed not later, but now, for the further it goes the worse the damage will become and the harder it will get to fix and heal it all.

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