Fifty percent or more now want President Donald Trump Impeached and Removed, it’s time Republicans!

Here is what amazes me about the current situation with President Donald J. Trump and Impeachment!

They Impeached President Andrew Johnson for firing Edwin Stanton, as Secretary of Defense. Yet he was not removed from office.

Then Richard Nixon, Watergate, and more and they Impeached him for all of his crimes and in the end so he was not the first to be removed from office, Nixon stood up and resigned to protect the Country and Prevent further damage.

Next came Bill Clinton, the Republicans, screamed and yelled and swore Clinton had to be Impeached, for what, a WhiteWater Land deal and a blow job in the Oval Office?

Now let’s talk Trump! Lied from his first day in office and ordered Sean Spicer to tell all America his Inaugural Crowd was the biggest in the Nations history. Lie!

From that day on Trump has been lying to the American people on an average of 12 lies per day or more.

The Mueller Report produced, proof of Collusion and Obstruction of Justice against Trump, then he is still not impeached.

Now, After 34 people were arrested, tried and many convicted, Trump remains President as his cronies and his helpers pay the price for all he has done. Why? What mysterious power or cover does Trump have or pull over these people for them, to give up their lives to serve prison time, for him?

Lindsey Graham, ranted, yelled and screamed for the Impeachment of Bill Clinton, in the 90s, now in 2019 he just ignores Trump’s crimes and backs Trump period?

Now we have the Ukraine situation, a sitting United States President has taken it upon himself to deny military aid to an ally, to battle Putin and Russia! He asks for a favor in return, that The Ukrainians investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter, and find a server that does not exist in Ukraine? And that folks is indeed a Quid Pro Quo no matter how you look at it!

What I have failed to understand and I am sure many Americans are thinking the same thing right now, how long can this go on before it interferes, with the 2020 election cycle in America? What is being done to protect our voting rights at the poles? Russia is already, doing what it did in 2016 again, how do we stop it all? And who will stop it, because Trump won’t. it’s his assurance he can get re-elected, Russia will buy it for him!

There is a problem in American Government and politics. The current system is set up to balance the three branches, with as close to equal members of each party as possible. The problem here is the House belongs to the Democrats and the Senate to the Republicans. The Republicans in the Senate are working overtime, twisting themselves into pretzels to defend and protect Trump from his own crimes. It has to stop, Republicans, because the longer you refuse to act and come out about it all the worse it will be for America.

I watched The Nixon Impeachment and Clinton’s too, what I saw was brave men and women of the Senate and House who stood up in each case and were not afraid of losing their seats to vote to Impeach after they saw the evidence. They had guts, they were patriotic, they were men and women with brains and souls, who understood the Republic, our democracy comes first and no man is above the law. They stepped up, they fought back against President’s who did wrong, whether it was for moral reasons, ethical reason or for the point of crimes being committed. Do the politicians of today have the guts to do so? It doesn’t seem so, today!

I watched Barry Goldwater take on Nixon, I saw Howard Baker stand tall and lead to Impeach Nixon. I saw others stand tall, united and Impeach Bill Clinton for lesser crimes, then Trump has committed.

What’s wrong with Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and others, and how about a bunch of representatives breaching Security on Capitol Hill to break into a Committee hearing! Cell Phones on their persons, no thought as to how they are putting America at risk, so they can act like Trump’s big loyal base and try to stop it all?

Each Member of the House of Representative who stormed the Secure Room, should be Censured and Removed from Office, because they know the rules, the broke the rules and regulations regarding that Secure room and put America’s Security at risk doing so. These Republicans got stirred up by Trump and led by a Representative Matt Goetz, and they followed him blindly into a secure room, cell phones in their pockets knowing all the rules and regulations. Censure them, Remove them from Office, for they let their passions and anger overcome their brains. We need to be safe no matter what, any Security Breach such as this one needs to be addressed and punishment dished out.

In the end let me say this to all. We need paper ballots in all elections, we need the backup of being able to hand count them to ensure the results. Any electronic voting machines should be shut down for 2020 and all future elections until they can be correctly protected. Our Votes are what determines America’s future, not Russia, Ukraine, China or any other country!

If the Republicans do not Impeach and Remove President Donald J. Trump, they are enabling him to sell America to Russia and use our government for whatever purpose he sees fit and make unilateral decisions by himself. Whats next, is he going to decide someone is attacking America and go push the Nuke Button? are The Republicans going to let that happen too?

All of us have families, loved ones, and generations to come after us. We can not remain free and independent and a Republic, unless all stand up and fight back, including the Republicans. The numbers and percentages are now here, fifty percent or more now want President Donald Trump Impeached and Removed, it’s time Republicans!

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