It will be an interesting piece of history to watch!

As October rolls toward becoming November, we watch and wait as the Impeachment Inquiry into President Donald J. Trump continues.

More and more information is coming out from witnesses, who watched the President make his Ukraine Phone call and take the action to withhold funding for Ukraine’s defense against Russia, to get information on Joe Biden, his son Hunter.the company Hunter worked for and Trump’s search for Hillary Clinton’s so called E-mails and the server, he swears, she sent overseas. The questions in all of this is so simple most Americans do not get it, it is being over complicated by the House and Democrats really. The fact is this is an American President who can’t believe he got slapped around in the 2016 Election by a woman candidate in Hillary Clinton and actually lost the popular vote to her by over 300,000 votes, is paranoid, obsessed, and scared shitless of Joe Biden as an opponent in 2020 and now he is panic stricken, hiding, distracting, disassembling, distorting everything he can, while he is also, obstructing witnesses and and testimony asked for by The House.

Will President Donald J. Trump be Impeached in the House soon? I think with all the evidence, statements and facts being accumulated and compiled, The House has no choice but to hold at least a week or two of public testimony for America to see it all. Once that is completed I am sure the Articles of Impeachment being written will come out and he will indeed be Impeached.

October is rolling along as I said and The House and Democrats who are running this inquiry have to realize, we shall be within one year of the next Presidential election in a few days. So, speed and accuracy are vital in this search and completion. To interfere in the next Presidential Election cycle will piss off many Americans, so I recommend you move this along and through.

I can see an Impeached Trump in the House no doubt due to the Democratic majority there, but The Senate could be a different question. Unless the Articles of Impeachment written in the House are extremely strong and well written and the evidence strong as hell the Republicans will try to protect Trump. Everything that is written and presented to the Senate must be proof positive of Donald Trump’s guilt in each Article handed over, for it to work, they have to be written clear enough so the Republicans can not deny he did these things. Otherwise, The House and The Democrats have wasted the time and money of the American taxpayers and that will anger many, and they can lose at the polls come 2020.

Do I think Donald Trump can win re-election in November 2020? My one word answer is no. As the Polls now show over half of the American People now believe Trump is Guilty and should be Impeached and Removed from Office. What is stopping it all, I believe Americans are afraid of Mike Pence becoming President for even one year. To go from Trump to Pence is scary and unbelievably bad luck for America if it happens, but Congress is strong enough to hold Pence who we all know is a religious zealot in place to one year. So let’s get the Impeachment Inquiry finished, Let’s Impeach Trump, and then let the Senate decide whether to remove him from office, put it on the Republicans now Democrats and lets see what they do, with an election one year and a few days away.

The Republicans need next to feel the Pressure, face the Articles of Impeachment your sending them and then hold a public vote and show whether they back a President who is Guilty of High Crimes and Misdemeanors or not, so the American Public can watch them vote. Let them Vote on each Article and discuss each one on public television for us to see, and see who still supports Trump when it is done and over. It will be an interesting piece of history to watch!

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