Lets not interfere with the next Presidential Election Cycle in 2020.

As October 2019 rolls towards it end, and November 2019 inches closer, so does the Impeachment Inquiry of President Donald J. Trump. As the House gathers evidence and gets ready to hear more each day, others are I am sure preparing Articles of Impeachment from said evidence. The only question that remains is not if Donald Trump will be Impeached, it is when he will be Impeached.

As I have said before, this President, is the worst President in American History and History will reflect it forever. Sadly, what took place in the 2016 Presidential Election was an attack on America by way of the election process, by Putin and Russia and it succeeded, putting Trump in the Oval Office. Russian money and influence elected Trump not the American Voters, they spent millions upon millions, in social media ads,television ads and more, to get their puppet Trump elected.

I remind all, Hillary Rodham Clinton won the Popular Vote in America’s 2016 Election by over 300,ooo votes!

Sadly, the Americans who voted for Trump, the Trump loyalists, all will deny he is Putin’s Puppet and support him until he is either removed or voted out of office. They get angry, like he is their kid when you tell them, he is Putin’s Puppet and he has zero accomplishments. He has done nothing or accomplished nothing while in office, except to isolate America from the world, lose our place as the leader of the Free World and destroy the moral and ethical fiber of America.

Trump believes he can do as he pleases, because he is President, and he hates anyone who tells him he can’t. He thinks because he is President, his word is law and what he says goes. again a falsehood, he holds dear, to himself.

The United States is a Republic, Mr. President Trump, not a Monarchy, not a Dictatorship, and you are not allowed to be a Tyrant! We did away with all of that when The United States became an Independent Republic and we won our Independence from England, in the Revolutionary War! We are a Republic, run under democracy rules, and laws and our Constitution, of which you seem to not know, a thing about.

Sadly, it seems to me, you either skipped history classes in school or paid other kids to do your homework. You don’t understand The Constitution, you don’t Understand the check and balances system or our government , and you don’t even know geography either, for you have messed up and confused, states in items you speak about, from where Colorado is, to where Alabama is!

I was speaking to Veterans in the West Haven, Connecticut Veterans Hospital as I was a patient there recently, as an in patient. As the other Patients in the Hospital told me regarding you and your Presidency, your a failure Donald J. Trump. They disapprove of you, your mouth, the fact you have four letters of being 4f and never served for bone spurs and now being the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces. I agree with them totally, your a coward and a draft dodger who’s daddy kept out of serving his country.

It is not the only thing Veterans are angry with you about, but it is indeed the biggest. You screwed the pooch on the economy, it was never yours, it belongs to Obama and his Administration and all you do is claim it as yours. You promised to bring jobs back from overseas, never accomplished, your promised to revive the factories and auto industries failed again. You can’t even keep the hospitality and retail markets strong as stores and malls are now going under and disappearing country wide.

You attacked Obama Care and basically killed it and you promised a replacement for it and it never came into being, again a failure. Millions of Americans who are elderly, disabled and unable to work now have no health insurance and you still have no answer for it all. Why is that Mr. President?

The above are just a few things I am pointing out that are obvious enough for all Americans to check for themselves.

Your so called wall, you were going to have the Mexicans pay for on our southern border is a failure too. So you repaired a few hundred feet of it and painted it, claim it is being built, but, the Mexicans aren’t paying a dime and never will, Failure again!

I remember a statement from you President Trump before you were put into Office, “I will be so busy in Office, I won’t have time to play golf!” Guess what another lie, you have more hours on the golf course than any President in history now. Sad!

I still fully believe and fully agree with Hillary Rodham Clinton, when she looked at you and the American People on television during your debate with her and told you to your face, ” Your Putin’s Puppet! “

Your a weak man Trump, a sad man, who has failed at all you do, bankruptcies follow you around like a dog carries a bone. It’s sad to see.

What I find even funnier than all of the above Mr. Trump, is you’re so vain also, that at seventy some odd years old, you still use a comb over to hide your bald spots! That’s as sad a statement as any about you! You can’t even admit to losing your hair in your seventies and earlier like so many men before you have, it’s sad.

Well, the lies continue, that started the day you entered office and claimed your Inaugural Crowd was the biggest ever through Sean Spicer, till now.

Your a coward and a draft dodger, Donald J. Trump, a Con man and a liar Donald J. Trump, a cheater and a womanizer and harasser too. Add in all your High Crimes and Misdemeanors as President, the Mueller Report and now the Ukraine Fiasco you perpetrated and what we have is the worst President in American History.

Andrew Johnson was Impeached but not Removed by one vote in the Senate, for firing Edwin Stanton.

Richard M Nixon, was Impeached and almost removed from Office by the Senate and was at least man enough to Resign the Office of The Presidency for the good of the Nation and to save his own ass from prison.

Bill Clinton was Impeached for a blow job in the Oval Office and Whitewater and he stayed in office.

I remind all who read this Donald J. Trump committed worse crimes than any of the above three Presidents who went through the Impeachment Process in the past. His High Crimes and Misdemeanors include, Collusion with Russia to win the Presidency, Obstruction of Justice 10 times in the Mueller Report and numerous more times by refusing to cooperate with Congress and refusing subpoenas. Then add in the Ukraine Situation filled with Quid Pro Quos and more and the lying, dodging and avoiding of all question regarding it. If there was ever an American President who should be removed from Office for High Crimes and Misdemeanors it is President Donald J. Trump.

I hope it can be accomplished soon and fast, before we get into a new mess and it interferes with the next Presidential Election Cycle in 2020.

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