Have the two major political Parties forgotten?

Halloween 2019 begins with rain here in Connecticut in my area. As kids get dressed up and adults too, it’s supposed to be a fun day and evening for me and for you. Kids walking around dressed up in costumes, adults partying and having a drink together and laughing. It’s supposed to be a fun day for all involved and hopefully it will go off without any violence or deaths.

In the meantime, The Impeachment Inquiry starts to get more serious as more witnesses come forth to testify to Trump’s crimes and his High Crimes and Misdemeanors are now adding up by the hour and minute and being revealed.

The Republicans asked for the Impeachment Inquiry to be turned into a formal one by a vote and they will get their wish today, when the House votes to do so. The committees will then become formal Impeachment Panels, digging deeper and preparing Articles of Impeachment as they go and the public will hear and see all the testimony and evidence as it goes along. For the Republicans it gets to be, Got My Wish Day!

For The Democrats, it begins a long road of hard work and testimony gathering and evidence gathering and writing of Articles of Impeachment. As I see it right now the Impeachment Inquiry can write Articles of Impeachment on Obstruction of Justice, Misuse of Power, Lying to the American People and Public. and many more crimes committed by President Trump including Bribing a Foreign Country using American Funds awarded by Congress by withholding them from Ukraine. The Quid Pro Quo, is real, it’s there in the call and transcripts and testified to by numerous witnesses now and even stated in Trump’s own words in the call, and by his Chief of Staff.

Look, the country is now over 50 percent for Impeachment and Removal of Donald J. Trump as President. It has reached proportions equal to or beyond the same range of Richard Nixon’s days and his Impeachment Hearings. Sadly, the Trumpers as Trump likes to call his followers, will never stop backing him, but, I believe the tide is beginning to turn as more Republicans complain of his acts and words as time goes on. Trump is not an legitimate, or legal President!

Mueller’s report alone proves, Russia interfered in the 2016 Election and they bought it for Trump. It also, gives The Impeachment Process, 10 articles of Obstruction of Justice and Trump has blocked, stonewalled and given then many more reasons for Obstruction of Justice charges.

His denials don’t ring true and the witnesses coming forward to the Ukraine call all collaborate what was said and done by Trump. He withheld funding from Ukraine, so he could get information on a political rival or two. He wanted Russia to get Hillary’s 30,000 emails, now he wanted Ukraine to find them also and investigate Joe and Hunter Biden his rival for 2020. he has gone too far, it is pure and outright Abuse of Power.

Many will say, Trump is innocent until proven guilty and he deserves a chance to defend himself. That is not what the Impeachment in the House is for. The House Impeachment is just a half of the process folks. They Vote to Impeach on the basis of the evidence period, once they Impeach him in the House, the second half begins in the Senate. The Evidence and charges come from the House and the tag of Impeachment then is attached, as it goes to the Senate. When The Senate gets the Articles of Impeachment the Trial begins.

The Senate holds the Trial of an Impeached President, reviewing, reading and debating each Article of Impeachment, which are the charges. Then witnesses are called if necessary and the President can send lawyers and witnesses of his own to refute the charges. When all is said and done it is up to the Senate to Vote to remove or not remove a sitting President.

I submit this to all who would fight said Impeachment and Removal of President Donald Trump, The High Crimes and Misdemeanors are numerous, the proof is enormous, the evidence damning and I honestly doubt in my opinion Trump can survive such a trial and a vote to remove.

But, if he does once Impeached he will be weakened and unable to do much at all as Congress will do it’s oversight duties at a higher rate, than ever before till he leaves the Office of The Presidency.

One other concern has come to mind, and that is what did the Vice President know and why did he not react to the call with Ukraine, or to the Obstruction of Justice charges or anything else? Is Vice President Pence complicit in the High Crimes and Misdemeanors of President Trump? If not what happens if he is forced to take over as President?

The repercussions of what is about to happen in America and its political system, will be far and wide and it will ripple through decades of American Politics and both Political Parties for a long, long time. Why did both Parties not gut check this sooner, why did no one on either side react to Trump’s words and actions sooner? Who is more to blame in this case of a President who has gone rogue without any tethers tied to him, to do and say as he pleases? In the end, when Trump does leave office, whether Impeached of not, how will it affect future Presidents in America? Will Presidents all be able to do as they please in office like Trump has and go their own way? Break laws, lie and cheat the American People out of cash, like he does with his hotels and breaching of the Emoluments Clause also?

If The Republicans do not act and vote to Impeach and Remove Donald J. Trump from the Presidency, they are making a grave mistake for the future. For when a Democrat or Independent President takes the oath of Office, and does what Trump did, they will have no say, for if Trump can do it, so can anyone after him!

In the end let me say this, Congress, the House and Senate both, have a duty for Oversight of the Executive Branch and The President. Both Parties Democrats and Republicans have a responsibility to handle Oversight seriously and to keep the checks and balances in force as put forth by the Constitution and Our Forefathers who created our Nation. If they do not act to Impeach and remove, they will be vacating their duties and failing their responsibilities to the Constitution, the American people too. In the end they will destroy their own powers of oversight and all Presidents will run ragged and free, like tyrants or kings. Is that what Congress wants to allow to happen, is that what we the American People want, to be ruled by a Dictator, Tyrant, or a King? Didn’t we the American People fight for our Independence against England to get out from under a King? Have the two major political Parties forgotten after only 243 years, what America was created for and is about?

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