For the good of America and the Nation as a whole!

November 2019 began with a windy start and rain overnight and now a clear cool day. Welcome to November all, I hope all had a fun Halloween last night!

Well, we now have a Formal Impeachment Inquiry Underway Officially and as requested by the Republicans and President Trump it has been voted into effect. I hope he is now happy about it being Official, and that the Republicans will stop complaining about it not being voted on.

That being said, I remind the Republicans you can’t have it both ways, you can’t now complain because you don’t like the procedures in use, because in fact, they are the same ones you Republicans used against Bill Clinton and set up yourself.

As we go forward and get formal about this Impeachment Process and it come sto all Television screens soon enough I want all to stop and think what is happening here. History in America is vital and it records everyone’s actions and reactions to all that is happening on the political stage here. Every Vote will be recorded for history, every person who testifies will be recorded also and so will the reactions and actions of each Representative in The House and their Votes.

Important to remember at this point in time is the following: 1) IMpeachment Inquiries collect evidence and facts and present them as Articles of Impeachment to the house first and foremost. if The Articles are approved by the Committees or Panels, then they are written and voted on in the House, and if the majority say Yea, Trump[ is Impeached!

The Second Stage then begins in The Senate. Again All Articles of Impeachment must be read into the record, debated and talked over in The Senate, and then Voted on each in turn. All Votes are recorded, if the Majority of The Senate Votes Guilty on even on Article of Impeachment, The Sitting President can be removed from Office and wil be removed. If The Majority votes not Guilty then the President is Impeached still by The house but not removed by the Senate and is aquitted.

Many Americans it seems to me are not aware of the process and what each step means in it, which is why I have stated it as I have above for all to understand.

I hear people screaming and yelling, Trump will never be Impeached, I remind all he can be Impeached, yet not removed from office. The Removal Part would come in the trial part in The Senate, not the House. Once he is Impeached in the House it sticks folks, if you don’t think so, ask Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton. All were Impeached in The House, but not removed by the Senate from Office and acquitted.

In my opinion, at this stage, from my perspective President Trump is in serious hot water here and trouble. He has Obstructed Justice Ten time due to the Mueller Report, colluded with Russia to get elected and asking them to get her 30,000 emails also publically.

Add in the current crisis over Ukraine now and we have a mess larger than any of the above three Presidents above had all together. On Top of his Quid Pro Quo problem and the use of a Private Attorney for Government negotiations with another country, asking for a favor, investigating Biden and his son, and still searching for Hillary’s emails is not legal at all period and Trump knows it too. Sadly, The Republicans want to play Trumpers and protect him at this point, which is foolish. In the end, when the evidence hits on Television and hits the public I am sure it will change their minds.

If it doesn’t change their minds, it will be a fight to the finish on what happens in the Senate Trial. Sadly, one way or the other since The Democrats control the house trump will be Impeached in the next two to three weeks, as to the conviction and removal evidence and time shall tell!

As November continues and the political mess caused by the Impeachment Hearings and Procedures pile up and come on television, I remind all, we are now just about one year from the next Presidential Election, so the next decision must be made based on the candidates running for both parties. Whatever happens America needs a new leader chosen and new path ahead also. Who that leader will be will be up to all of us, as long as no outside interference happens in our election process here at home. All states should be forced to use paper ballots and to maintain them for a recount if necessary. Russia is still trying and practicing interference techniques in Africa and South America and will be attacking our process and systems shortly and have already begun. So, I suggest, we use paper ballots as a back-up in case of doubt or interference.

As far as what the result will be in Trump’s Impeachment, I have my own opinion and so does everyone else, and it will get heated out there if you talk politics now as this is happening, so I recommend for all, keep your opinion to yourself and hang on and watch it all happen daily. There will be no Civil Wars in America if Trump is Impeached, that just threats and bullshit. In The end what Congress decides to do, will be a step in history, that will live forever more. He is only the Fourth President now to face this process, in 243 years, and he joins a group of notorious Presidents to achieve it as a status. We shall see what happens next, soon enough.

For the good of America and the Nation as a whole, I hope it will be a peaceful process, no violence, no wars of any kind and Americans of all races, colors and sexes involved, and the outcome is good for the Country as a whole when finished.

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