Listen to the evidence the Impeachment brings out!

Trump will more than likely stay in Office till his end of term, Impeachment or not. The fear is that Pence could take over as President and he is dangerous and a religious zealot.

The only question is, once Impeached in The House, will Trump win re-election or not?

I hope and pray he won’t, he is dangerous for America’s security, for the people he has done not a thing, and in the end he is lining his own pockets in every way he can, through being President.

His illegal acts are numerous, his lies unbelievable and so many it is a shame. American’s are like my sister says, “Tired of hearing about Trump and all he has done and want him to go home!”

I will not talk much more about Trump being Impeached and the evidence that has come forth, through the Mueller Investigation and now the Ukraine Phone call investigation that is driving these hearings, why because too many Americans are being stubborn, dense and foolish and do not understand fully what is happening here. Many do not even understand the Impeachment Laws or the actual way it works.

Seems many Americans today don’t read, don’t watch television news or news channels and do not keep up with the world or the country itself or what it’s leaders are doing. The Trumpers don’t want to listen to the truth, and too many of the new generation don’t pay attention to anything that is not on a cell phone, tablet or computer or the internet. They are too busy playing video games, chatting and taking photos and not caring what happens to the country or the constitution.

I get messages on my facebook everyday, Trump won’t be Impeached. Look he will be Impeached it is coming, the question is no longer if he will be impeached it is now, will he be removed? The house Impeaches folks, and they will definitely have the votes to Impeach him and do so.

The Senate is the second step, which is the Trial of an Impeached President. They decide if the President is guilty or not guilty of the Articles of Impeachment sent them by the House. So the Trial must take place in the Senate once the House Impeaches. All is part of the ongoing process.

As we all know the Senate is controlled by The Republican Majority, and led by Mitch McConnell. Since it is all Republican, the odds are Trump will not be convicted in the Senate and he will stay in office.

The only real question will be, does he get re-elected, for a second term?

My answer will probably be the best to this question, As I see it now, unless the Articles of Impeachment are strongly written and specific about each crime committed by Trump as President and convincing enough to sway Republicans, he stays in office. Then he will scream and yell to high heavens, how he was Impeached and not guilty of anything, during the re election.

If Americans remain blind and deaf, to the truths that he has committed these crimes, he may get re-elected. If he does Ladies and Gentlemen, we can forget the fact we are a Republic and Democracy, and get ready to become a satellite nation of Russia’s and all should get a speech program like Babel to learn Russian, because Putin will have won and defeated America.

But I am not going to preach anymore, yell anymore, or play attack dog anymore, I am tired. I will say this here and now. For the current Generation of voters from age 18 to 55, if you Re elect Donald J. Trump, it is you who must pay the price of losing the Republic and Democracy, America’s Forefathers built. It is your generation that will light the way toward America becoming a dictatorship, ruled by a tyrant and criminal, not mine, it is your children and grandchildren that will have to live under a country that is no longer free to choose its own rights and religion anymore.

Not mine, I am old and getting older by the day, and yes I can vote, but I am no longer the majority at my age, we are now senior citizens. Just like when your parents get too old to care for themselves and need medicare, medicaid and social security to survive and Medicare for All, it won’t be there, for Trump will kill it. Go ahead, it’s your children’s lives and your grandchildren’s lives and future generations, you are killing.

Impeachment must happen I agree, removal won’t happen. But Trump should never be re-elected, if he is America is not listening, and they will be wrong, to do so. That is my opinion folks and your all welcome to your own. I just hope, America listens to the evidence the Impeachment brings out and realizes the dangers to their future and America’s ,Trump presents. God Bless The USA. !

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