” I wish Trump would just go home and get out of Office!”

As the worry and concern in the USA builds over the Impeachment Procedures against President Donald J, Trump, the panic and confusion and lies keep coming from the White House.

Number 1, The Whistleblower should be left alone and no one should be trying to uncover their identity. The Laws were put into place for such an event and it covers the identity of the individual making the complaint.

Number 2, If President Trump did not commit a Quid Pro Quo, then he should have no reason for blocking the testimony of all these individuals who worked in the White House or under his Administration or for it.

Number 3, President Trump is acting like a child who is accused of a misdeed, when in fact he is a President who is accused of High Crimes and Misdemeanors, Abuse of Power and so much more. Why?

President Trump says he wants the Whistleblower to talk to him and reveal himself. Why, so he can fire the person and discredit them by name is all. It’s childish, adolescent, vengeful and vindictive is all.

Number 4, As this process continues, the House is trying to do its job of Oversight of the Executive Branch, ( Presidency). This is not a witch hunt, it is not farce, it is not imaginary or untruthful, it’s real America. I remind all, America is now 243 years old in this world, but in that time only Four Presidents have ever faced Impeachment hearings of any kind. This is history in the making and it is very important as to it’s outcome and consequences for future Presidencies and The Country and our Democracy and Republic.

Number 5, The Republican must come to realize by now, this is not apartisan plan by the Democrats, it is a necessary procedure, forced by President donald Trump’s actions and words. They must wake up and listen to the American people, the evidence and make a hard choice come the time.

Number 6, As Trump withdraws us from the world and isolates us all around, he is destroying the morale of the American armed Forces. Secondly by attempting to deny California assistance and money to fight the fires he is contributing to the destruction of acres and acres of prime soil and leaving homeless americans nad firefighters without help.

I state the above because these are real facts currently going on. A threat to shutdown the Government by Trump is real also and foolish if it happens. For what he does not understand, shutdown or not the Impeachment proceedings will continue. he can’t hide from them, The House has that power.

As we all wait for what comes next out of Trump’s distorted and unreal, reality, we all must wonder how sane is he, and how desperate will he get to maintain power?

President Trump goes crazy on Twitter daily, he sends out people to back him up constantly and tow his line of illogical reason. Does that tell you there’s something seriously wrong with this man’s mental abilities and his mental health? His fear of losing power is driving him to do things he has no business doing!

Are you tired of delays, distortions, denials and lies? Are you tired of distractions and a President who can’t even spell on Twitter or make sense half the time?

Look he tried building his wall or fence also, now the people are cutting through it with saws you can buy at a Walmart. the Wall is dud, a failure and worthless and a waste of taxpayers money, period. It’s a sad state of affairs that we as americans currently face, and must deal with very soon. The world is watching, as America withdraws, Isolates itself, and acts childish because it’s President does. Isn’t it time to act now, not later, how much further must it go? As my sister said to me,” I wish Trump would just go home and get out of Office!” ” Wishing he would disappear from the Politic Scene altogether”

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