So what do you think the Forefathers of America would do with Trump?

To all who write the news and all Hosts and Commentators of the news and all Americans, I would like to write a Eulogy for America, yes the United States of America!

The America I grew up in was courageous, it was full of vitality, it was full of promise, it was based on Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Equality for All, men and women fought for all of it and our forefathers did too!

John Adams, George Washington, John Jay, John Hancock, Ben Franklin, and so many others, put their lives at stake to create a country, with promise, hope freedom and so much more. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and our Forefathers created a Government for The People By The The People and for a greater Union. They stood by it, they made it work, and it became a country for good in the world and power in on the world stage.

Back in the 1770’s when all of it was happening, and before America became a Independent Nation, there was the Revolutionary War, when Americans stood side by side and fought the British Monarchy and overcame through perseverance and determination. America was born and our forefathers, had a vision for all of it and us.

The doors were thrown open, immigrants came from all countries across the globe to become american citizens and the great pot of nationalities become one nation Under God, Indivisible with Liberty And Justice for All. We all believed and should today that all men are created equal and should all be respected equality and treated the same, under the laws of the land.

What happened to that America? Where did it go, why is it disappearing as I hear many Americans and see them hanging their heads in shame over all that is currently going on in Washington, DC under the current Trump Administration and how Trump is tearing apart the very foundations we were built as a nation on!

Sadly, many in America no longer read, or care about History, if you asked many of them, they would have no idea who Alexander Hamilton was, or Aaron Burr, or John Jay, or John Adams. Many don’t understand or know of the dangers and risks these men took to form this country! History is ignored it seems in the face of the current conditions of an American nation in Terminal condition.

America rose proudly, and has stood for Justice, The Rights of people worldwide and here at home for centuries now. But like the Roman Empire, The Aztecs and the Persians and more, all Empires die out or destroy themselves, this is what is happening in America today. The forefathers put in place three branches of government for a reason, folks, they foresaw, a possible situation where one man, who thinks he is above the law and better than all the rest, may get the Presidency and try to rule like a king, or a tyrant or a dictator. So , they called it checks and balances and said, congress shall have the right to oversight of the Executive Branch and The Presidency, to stop such a person from doing just what Trump is doing!

As the days pass now in 2019, and we are now less than a year from the next Presidential Election, in 2020, I remind all, no man is above the law, no President should be able to go rogue, no President should be able to Abuse the Power of The Office of the Presidency, and use it for his own personal whims and wants and needs. No President should be able to Obstruction Justice, ignore subpoenas and order Federal Employees not to testify! No man is above the law in America!

Back in the days of America’s fight to become a nation, a Independent Nation based as a Republic and Democratic Society, Before the constitution, and Bill of Rights, the Revolutionary War was happening. America was a bunch of upstart individuals who had an idea for a free nation with rights for all and laws. Remember that?

In the 1700’s when George Washington was still a General leading the American Forces against Britain and the King, a another General wa there also, his name was Benedict Arnold. The story of benedict Arnold tells alot about what the Forefathers would do today if they lived to see Trump’s Presidency!

Can you Imagine George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and many of the Forefathers we all know, sitting ina room in Washington, DC, watching what Trump has done and is doing to American and what they would do to stop him?

Back then, when Washington, faced the betrayal of Arnold, he chased Arnold and tried to capture him, and Arnold fled to Britain, Washington said, ” If we catch Arnold, he would be tarred and feathered and driven out of the country on a pole!” Justice back then was such and deserving for a coward and traitor.

Our Forefathers would tell Congress today to find the truth, search it, verify it, and prosecute it and defend and protect the country.

The House is doing so right now under the Constitution and the Laws of the land correctly. The Right to Impeach and The Power of it belongs to the House of Representatives as granted by the constitution. They will Investigate and collect all evidence of any misdeeds and acts by the President, including those labeled High Crimes and Misdemeanors. They will write Articles of Impeachment and vote to Impeach trump, I have no doubt.

The Senate must then hold the trial based on those Articles of Impeachment as put forth by the House of Representatives. when that happens, the Senate must decide whether or not, those Articles of Impeachment rise to the level needed to remove the President from Office.

While many will cry this is a political scam, a hack job, or just an outright attempt by one party to play partisan politics and remove a President that they dislike, the crimes are real, this is not a game.

Obstruction of Justice at least 10 times, now numerous more times by blocking subpoenas and denying access to records and more. Asking Russia and China and Ukraine to interfere in the United States Election processes and asking a foreign nation for favor and withholding Military Aid to get it, is just morally, ethically wrong and illegal. A Quid Pro Quo did happen and it is real, and that folks is bribing another country to do something for Trump’s personal gain. That is indeed a High Crime and Misdemeanor!

So what do you think the Forefathers of America would do with Trump?

And what should America do today to save itself? Are we to go down in flames as Trump fiddles like Nero did as Rome burned? You the American People must decide now!

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