Scams are out there big time folks!

Internet and telephone crimes are climbing in America as people get phone calls on Social Security Fraud and in sites online like Google Hangouts, people pretend to be who they are not and try to fish money out of innocent people and elders like myself. The criminals are getting better at what they do as they attack also.

They ask for money after warming you up and try to convince you, they are someone they are not. I had this happen to me recently in Google Hangouts, which I have never used before being enticed, by someone claiming to be Reba McEntire. I am a huge Country Music Fan and yes, I love Reba and her music and all she does,so I wanted to believe it was really her, because I sent her a message, proclaiming my fandom of her.

At first it was just words, then she started sending pics of Reba and just chatting in a way that was funny. When I became suspicious she, then sent me a voice recording and small video clips, saying they were her on her cell phone. After a while she then, asked me for a 200 dollar gift card from Ebay. Wait a second, why would Reba, one of the richest women in the world, want a 200 dollar gift card from ebay, I asked. Well, I need it for my website she said, end of conversation folks, right there and then, I said no gift card, I am broke and won’t go there.

These scams are growing folks, they target you if your a fan of a Star, they come after your Social Security accounts and your Medicare and Medicaid also. Don’t fall for the scamming phone calls, they reroute the phone lines also to hide themselves so the police can not trace them. They try to steal your credit card information these days, with scanners, when you use your card at a store.

I had my credit cards attacked recently also, by someone with a scanner. They attacked one card, and then another, placing hundreds of dollars of purchases on them. Luckily for me I had contacted the Credit Bureaus the first time and had them track my Credit Cards and Notify me if strange purchases were made like this. I did not pay for these charges of course, because I did not make them. The Credit Card companies cleared the problem and issued new cards to me.

Scams are out there big time folks, be careful if your elderly, don’t post your social security number online, don’t show your medicare or medicaid cards to anyone either. And make sure you keep some kind of protect on your credit cards like I did.

Scammers are everywhere out there folks, they will pretend to be anyone and try to get into your wallet and your credit. Don’t let them, say no, and keep your information safe!

I have a program now on my Cell Phone to block unwanted calls, that just keep coming everyday. Calls that should be outlawed and the people making them should be arrested.

I don’t answer calls from people I don’t know or numbers I don’t know either. I just either let them ring, or answer, hang up and block them. I tire of the scammers and their scams to get information and money aren’t you?

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