Save America, Save The Republic and our Democracy! Make the Right Decision and choice!

Welcome to Saturday, the 9th, of 2019. The seasons are changing here in New England, and so are the conditions and sentiments in Washington, DC, with the Trump Impeachment getting ready to fire up new televised hearings come Wednesday.

The feelings I am getting is that the Trumpers think he won’t be Impeached, but they are wrong the majority in the house is Democratic, so he will be Impeached just like Clinton before him.

It’s the removal or conviction that is in question and that is the second half of the equation folks. The House Impeaches, and The Senate holds the Trial, to Convict and Remove a President! Since the Senate is a Majority of Republicans, they will defend Trump in every way they possibly can! In the end what will determine whether leaves office or is removed is How well the Democrats prove their case, with the Articles of Impeachment they put forth and all the evidence given to the Senate.

Many Americans do not understand the Impeachment Process, so it becomes an issue the Democrats will have to explain to the nation. Impeachment belongs to the House folks, the Trial and Conviction and possible Removal the Senate.

This situation now facing the nation as a whole is serious and many do not get it. They think the Democrats just want to Impeach Trump and overturn the 2016 election, they are wrong. The offenses Trump is accused of doing are deep and very concerning. I am a Disabled Veteran and in my opinion, Trump has basically sold out to Putin and Russia, Committed Obstruction of Justice hundreds of times, and now committed a Quid Pro Quo in the Ukraine phone call. The call alone is enough to warrant Impeachment for it is Bribery covered by the constitution of the United States. It’s sad to see a President go rogue and try to run ramshod over every lay and regulation and guidance supplied by the Constitution of the United States. He is breaking the Emoluments Clause also here on a daily basis. So what happens next will set a precedent for future Presidents who sit in the Oval Office. If one Prsident can lie, cheat, steal, and do the acts Trump is accused of and get away with them, the next will do the same folks.

I ran into a store full of Trumpers and they say no way he gets Impeached. Well, I think they will all be highly disappointed and angry when it starts on Television and it happens. I don’t see anyway Trump avoids Impeachment, Giuliani doesn’t get arrested and charged, and others go down as so many have already in the Mueller Investigation. You can’t run and hide, distract, distort, avoid the honest truth folks, it is coming and will be public very soon for all to see.

It is a Congressional Duty for the House to Impeach Trump, it is also a Congressional Duty of The Senate to hold the Trial afterwards too, until it’s completion.

As to the 2020 Election, if Trump is Re-elected, I think many may want to buy Editions of Babel the Language Teacher in the language of Russian, Trump is selling us to Putin and Russia and we are going downhill asa Democracy, Republic and Nation. It’s a sad situation for America, I can not understand how anyone with a brain can back Trump and for what reason they are doing so. But it is now a dividing line in America and sadly, it is a dividing line that will need healing after the November 2020 election. I only hope America is smart enough to make the right choice come November 3rd 2020, for if we don’t, the Republic, Ben Franklin said, would be ours as long as we protect and defend it will be gone!

Save America, Save The Republic and our Democracy! Make the Right Decision and choice!

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