Veteran’s keep America Free and Ensure your Freedom and Lives and Rights.

It is Veteran’s Day Weekend folks, tomorrow is Veteran’s Day. As it dawns tomorrow morning, stop and say thank you to all the Veterans who served when you see them say thank you for the freedom you all enjoy, due to their service.

Across America there are so many Veterans, of all ages and both sexes. I remind all who see them without them America would not remain a Republic and Democracy. They don’t join the service for themselves when they do, and I guarantee, they don’t think of themselves when serving, they are thinking of the ones they are protecting at home that they love. No Veteran, doesn’t think of those that they left to defend, when they serve, we all did it and do it for those we love, for the country we love, not ourselves.

All have different reasons for joining of course, some are lost souls looking for help, others are looking for a way to survive and some go in for training and education and discipline, but in the end they all end up serving for those they love.

A Veteran gives up their family, their private lives at home, to Defend and Protect All who are America and the country they believe in. The ones who were drafted knew it and the volunteers of today know it too, once they start to serve. They become apart of a tradition, a service and a unit they become proud of and that makes them better men and women.

As you sit down to eat, watch tv, play a video game, use a computer, chat, play music or just live in peace, the men and women of the Armed Forces of The United States are protecting you, they put their lives on hold to do so, so say Thank You to Them, Veteran’s keep America Free and Ensure your Freedom and Lives and Rights.

I know I served, in three branches folks, Yes I said three, I started U.S. Army, Then Army National Guard, then I became a Sailor for 12 more years in The U.S. Navy. I would have done 20 years, but an injury from a fall aboard a ship took me out so to say.

Unlike Donald J, Trump, I own five Honorable Discharges, and I am proud of each one. I didn’t dodge a draft with four letters from a Doctor for bone spurs that are non existent in my feet I served. Big difference between myself and our current President for sure.

I am Proud to have served with many Veterans who have lived and died the Military traditions of American Service and Hope all who did are too.

I served and I am Proud, all Veterans should be and you all should say thank you when you see one of us. God Bless All of America!

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