We shall see!

As we get ready for the Formal Impeachment Hearings to start tomorrow,I wonder what Trump and his team will really try to defend him with

His words do not match half the time, he stumbles and fails to explain anything he did, and in the end, he has found no way to defend any of it.

The Formal Impeachment Hearings will be held starting tomorrow and when they do will America listen and follow it all or not and if not why not?

I can say this, it has happened in the past Impeachment Proceedings, and in each case the results, did affect America’s future and how we carried on.

Andrew Johnson, breached a new law when he fired Edwin Stanton as Secretary of War. The Process took him to within one vote of a formal impeachment and removal from office.

Then, we come forward to Richard M. Nixon. He went too far for all of America when he attacked news agencies, set up a team to break into Watergate and commenced all of his cover-ups, in the end Nixon did what was right for the nation and himself, he resigned.

Clinton faced Impeachment over WhiteWater and of course the Monica Lewinsky blowjob in the Oval Office. He too failed to be removed from office, but was Impeached in The House.

Now we have Trump, who basically sold America to Russia, committed numerous offenses of Obstruction of Justice, then faced the Mueller Investigation and Report and now is neck deep in the Ukraine mess he caused using a phone call to ask for favors from another country. So what happens, now, in the case is still in question, for it will depend on the way The Articles of Impeachment are written and drawn up against him. The Senate must get Articles that are strong and with Evidence for sure or they will not even bother doing a regular trial in the Senate. As We await it all, I wonder, how far will America let Trump and his backers go,before they decide enough is enough?

I probably represent the majority of Americans when I say I am tired of it all ! I tire of the daily newscasts, the lies, the case being built and how it goes on and on, and nothing gets completed or passed in Congress, to help the American People who need it.

As my baby sister said to me one day, when Trump came up in a discussion, and I quote ” I have had enough of Trump, his bullshit, I just wish he would pack up and go home and get the hell out of Office”. Now only time will tell as the Hearings now hit public television tomorrow! We shall see!

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