History is Made Today!

American History is being made today, as Impeachment Hearing begin live on television against President Donald J. Trump the 45th President of The United States.

American History records each Impeachment Process and the seriousness of them, according to the crimes committed by each President.

The First was Andrew Johnson in the 1800’s for Firing Edwin Stanton as Secretary of War, he missed removal by one vote.

Richard M. Nixon became number two in the 1970’s. Watergate and Break-ins and much more. In the end Richard M. Nixon Resigned before The Senate could hold the Trial.

William Jefferson Clinton was next, they Impeached him for WhiteWater and The Monica Lewinsky Affair. He was left in Office to complete his term.

Now we Have Donald John Trump as the Fourth President to face such procedures. His High Crimes and Misdemeanors in my book are worse than any President in American History. Between the Russian Involvement in the 2016 election and his collusion with them, to his Ukraine phone calls now, the problems and crimes have totaled up far beyond any other Presidents.

As to what happens and what the results may be, we shall have to see first how The House Hearings go and whether the House does Impeach.

The Second half will be, what the Senate does once the Articles of Impeachment are sent to them. All America knows the Senate is Republican and the House Democratic. Will Partisan Politics prevent the truth from coming out and justice being served for the American People as a nation?

Americans everywhere should listen to the Hearings, The Evidence, for it will affect the nation on the world stage and here at home. If you have a conscious and a brain you will listen and judge for yourself.

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