Preserve The Democracy and Republic of America!

As Trumpers go “Oh who Cares! The Impeachment proceedings have begun and more information came out from the first two witnesses, that’s damaging to Trump.

The Impeachment Hearings will continue come Friday, and I am sure it will get more intense and deeper into Trump’s crimes concerning the Ukraine calls and much more. I am sure the Impeachment proceedings will include, Bribery, Extortion, and Obstruction of Justice many times over, plus Abuse of Power bya United States President.

In the meantime, the 2020 election process is well underway with the primaries coming shortly. The democrats will have to pick a candidate to represent their party and ultimately face Trump in the next election. Who will get the democratic nomination is still up in the air, for Biden may be a favorite at the moment, he may be too old and stumble before the finish line. Warren is a progressive and has her problems in her presentation and ideas, too pushy many are saying. So where does it leave us for an alternative?

Pete Buttigeug may be a choice he is young slightly progressive a veteran and gay too. He stands tall and speaks clearly and soom to carry most of the Democratic ideas forward everyday.

After Mayor Pete we would have to look at Kamala Harris if we need to go deeper. Harris would make one hell of an Attorney General if she can’t be President!

In the end what most Democrats want is a candidate that can stand up to Trump and beat him, period so time will tell.

As to the Trump Impeachment, it will continue and more will hit the public television waves each day as new and startling information comes forth I am sure. How will it end, at this point I think no one really knows, as both parties declare victory on the opening day yesterday. Yet, it is important to note, the Republicans can’t defend what Trump did so again they attack the process, and the whistleblower, when in fact nothing is wrong with either one. The same format and process has been used for the last 3 Impeachment Hearings, which now include Nixon, Clinton and now Trump no changes. I remind the Republicans they set up this process against Clinton and had no problem then with it, so they should live with it now.

For the Trumpers will live or die backing Trump till the bitter end either way, why I still have no idea other than, they believe he is great for some reason. He has failed at everything he has tried to do, isolated America from the world and destroyed our standing in the world, pulled us from Environmental Plans for protection and failed at everything he touches. His so called wall he is building is nothing more than fence repairs and painting being done and already they are sawing through it to get in to America. But there is no sense telling any of it to Trumpers for their loyalty to him is strong and they are defiant in their beliefs and in backing him. Sadly, what they don’t realize is they will suffer also in the near future.

I don’t wish to go too deep into all I believe is wrong with the Trumpers, their beliefs or Trump himself, for all you get is defiance and anger no matter how well you argue with Trumpers.

So we shall see how this Impeachment Process unfolds, and how it ends soon enough. I just hope that, it ends well for America. The Forefathers are rolling over in their graves right now, watching it all I am sure. I am sure Ben Franklin, Who said, ” We shall have a Republic for as long as we Protect it” is angry, sad and emotional in his grave. No Forefather wanted to see President like Trump and if they were alive today, they would be railing against Trump and fighting to save the Republic and Country.

Now we shall all see what happens as it all comes out in The Impeachment hearings on television for the world to see. Lets hope in the end, Trump, his ideals, his ways and his followers will not destroy the Democracy and Republic of America!

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