Impeachment Hearings Continue!

Friday November 15th, 2019, The Impeachment Hearings will continue today as we find more evidence of Trump’s involvement in The Ukraine Situation and phone calls, as it all comes tumbling out, on public television.

As Trumpers swear it’s nothing, and there is nothing here to see or learn, more and more comes out and becomes public as people begin to come forth to testify voluntarily. Some don’t even need subpoenas it seems.

Those who are respectful and intelligent now know as it grows that Trump did not conduct himself properly as in accordance with the position her holds as President of The United States of America. Others will back Trump til they die, because they just think this is a purely political ploy on the democrats part to rid the nation of a President the democrats didn’t want in the first place. The truth is it matters not if the President were democrat or Republic, what does matter is his breaking the laws of the land, the constitution and all the Republic stands for.

I submit to all who read, or listen to the Impeachment Hearings, if this were a Democrat who did all that Trump has done, would they be screaming for his removal?

I also submit, don’t you think that a President who has committed Bribery, Abuse of Power and broken the Emolument Clause of the Constitution, deserves to be Impeached and Removed? Andrew Johnson did far less, Richard Nixon did far less and he was forced to resign and William Jefferson clinton was Impeached for a damn blow job, Trump has surpassed all the crimes committed by all of the above.

I don’t buy the Republicans defense of Trump for they have no defense for him, they attack the process, they attack the witnesses and want the whistleblower exposed. I ask, why don’t they defend Trump’s phone call, why don’t they defend Trump as a person and all he says and does? Simple, they are only fighting to save a Republican Presidency, they are not fighting because they like Trump, or his accomplishments, they are fighting back because they are calling it a partisan Impeachment, they are wrong.

They need to open their minds and hearts to what really happened and they will need as they are about to get the proof stuffed down their throats to believe it at all. The proof was put forth about the Republican beliefs in this matter and their response when they stuck their bulldog Jim Jordan on the panel. he represents the Republicans who just want to battle and fight not find the truth, he was put there to be an impediment to the process is all.

If you listen closely, the Republicans have no real defense for Trump and all he has done. It is sad really, they don’t defend the man, they don’t defend his accomplishments he has none. The bottom line is the Republicans are fighting this fight because they just want to stop his impeachment for their own political reasons.

Trump has no Defense folks, not from the Republicans, not from his Administration, not even from his own family, that makes any sense! he whines, he complains the process is wrong, or not legal, he does not defend what he has done. he doesn’t know how to really, for he knows, he is wrong.

So let me finish this this way today, if the Republicans don’t come around it will be a crime by them in their own right. They have a Constitutional Duty to defend and protect the Constitution and Law of the Country, if they fail to react they fail their Constitutional Duties as members of the Congress and should be voted out of Office.

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