Next Up, Throw Sondland and Giuliani under the bus!

It has been a long almost three years of a Trump Presidency that has accomplished absolutely nothing for America.

Everything he touches burns and fries up and goes under and dies!

Now here is a fact or six to look at folks!

Six associates of President Donald Trump have been convicted of crimes since he took office, all stemming from former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation

Michael Cohen pleads guilty on 8 counts 

Michael Flynn pleads guilty to lying to FBI

Ex-Trump campaign aide Rick Gates pleads guilty 

Paul Manafort to serve 7.5 years in prison

George Papadopoulos gets 14 days in prison 

Roger Stone convicted on 7 counts!

Next up Sondland who already is in deep and has lied to Congress at least twice, will he speak truth or go to prison? Will he continue to lie and protect Donald J. Trump, and how far does he think he can hang on, till Trump dumps him under the bus?

Rudy Giuliani will be after Sondland I am sure, but Trump will do whatever he can to save his own ass and if it means Rudy must go down so he won’t, well Rudy you lose!

Standby folks and watch as the Impeachment hearings get more interesting and closer to Trump himself. He can scream illegal all he wishes, he can try to hide and lie his way out of it it all, he will distract, distort and more, but he is guilty as sin and he knows it.

So, lets watch it all happen live and on Television folks for more witnesses will come forward shortly and tell more of what Trump did, said and carried on behind the scenes using Rudy as his own Ambassador, for personal reasons.

What amazes me is The Republicans backing Trump so hard and fast, they know he is guilty, yet remain steadfast supporters of him. I watch Rick Santorum last night on CNN, go hog wild off the deep end trying to defend Trump, and went really, since when is Santorum so off his rocker? Sadly, he too was caught up in the Trump madness and somehow brainwashed into believing Trump is great, when Trump is a liar, a cheat, a failure and a criminal. I feel sorry for supporters like Santorum, for in the end they will be brought down with Trump himself and lose whatever respectability they have left.

Everyone Trump touches or he gets to work for him or support him, goes down in a ball of flame, Santorum is heading straight to the firepit of Trump destruction. His own political career will go with him I am sure.

My main question is this to all these blind, loyal Trumpers out there who defend him publicly, and seem to get so angry, why are you protecting him, and what happened to the real Republican Party? Where did it go?

As State department Officials tell their story for all to see it becomes more apparent, Trump just wanted information on the Biden’s to use in his next Presidential run. Sadly, it is all illegal to do, as is running a second channel to Ukraine to do it.

Gordon Sondland

Marie Yovanovitch

George Kent

David Holmes

All coming forward with the same basic story, of corrupt and a shadow policy toward Ukraine run by Trump for his own Political gain! Seems to me, there is a crime, there is Impeachable Offenses, don’t it you?

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