Do we keep Trump in Office, or Impeach and then keep him or Impeach and Remove, you tell me!

As the new week begins, we must look back at the old to learn and carry on, it is what humanity does to learn from it’s own mistakes!

We look back and see Trump failing as President in so many ways it is a sad and disturbing fact he is even President.

He fails at Diplomacy, he fails at economics and defense, and he fails as a human being to be morally and ethically a decent human being.

He fails as a Leader and a person! First we have him lying to America on an average of 20 to 24 times per day, boldly into the television cameras.

He colluded with Russia to get the Presidency and Putin paid to get him there.

Then he is beat in the Popular Vote at the poles by over 300,000 votes and claims he won!

His Inauguration crowd lies, and since then all has been lies and ploys to try to stay in the Presidency is all. He loves being President and knows the position is power so hew on’t give it up easily.

The Mueller Investigation proved Russia interfered in the 2016 election, it proved he Obstructed Justice at least ten times.

Now we have a President, who decided to call a President of another country and ask him for a favor, and told him if no favor, no weapons for your defense. Not right and a breach of Constitutional Laws and Ethics. Not to mention it’s a bribe of a President of Another Nation Outright!

He blocks witnesses and subpoenas and hide all documents from Investigative Committees from The House. He intimidates and scares witnesses to stop them from testimony and then denies he did it, when it’s right on Twitter in plain sight. What is wrong with the United States, don’t people see all of this? Or are Americans brainwashed and bullshitted so much by Trump, that they just go along with it and go other Presidents did this too? Sad!

The sad State of The Union in America is simple it is being sold to Russia and is slowly going down the tubes, even Trumpers have told me that in public grocery stores. these days. So Sad, that America is becoming the laughing stock of the World these days and losing all of it’s leadership statuses because Americans elected a fool for President!

So what does America do, Do we keep Trump in Office, or Impeach and then keep him or Impeach and Remove, you tell me!

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