It’s time Americans, it is time!

Watching the Impeachment Hearings the last week they were on, we all saw full evidence that Trump ordered the investigation into Biden and his son and the search for the mysterious server he keeps saying is in Ukraine.

It’s all illegal and non Presidential in every way, period. The Republicans keep saying no one has provided proof of anything , yes they have in many ways. I tire of the Republicans making excuses for Trump and all he did, don’t you?

So many witnesses, so much evidence and Trump’s own admissions prove he did it, the only matter now is how soon he will be Impeached and if he will be removed from Office or not!

Revelations keep coming out daily, the latest may be the worst there ever could be for the Republicans. The Republican on The Committee to Impeach the President who has been defending him constantly, has now been reported to have gone to Venice and met with Ukrainians to dig up dirt on Biden and his son and look for the mysterious server Trump keeps searching for. Representative Nunes, went to Venice and did a search for the server and dirt on the Bidens and is so bold and crass to sit on the Impeachment Hearings and listen to the testimony and still defend Trump through it all? I call that more than crass and bold, I call that a breach of his Oath of Office and a breach of America’s Trust they put into him as the Ranking Member, on said committee!.

Representative Nunes needs to resign from the Committee and the House of Representatives period, he needs censured and forced from office for all he did and all he did not tell America. His choices will be few once Lev Parmus’s Attorney brings forth the Ukrainian he talked to, before Congress. When it happens it will be explosive, I guarantee it!

Let me say this here and now, look America this has gone far too long already because of Republicans not standing up to Trump and being scared he will bring in ringer’s to primary them and run against them. There comes a time when, they must realize, they can’t remain in office forever that’s number one, and secondly, America, our Democracy and Republic is more important and so is our Constitution, than them, keeping their seats in the House or Senate. It is time they wake up and look at the evidence and save the country they are sworn to protect, no matter the consequences, they may face. Some matters are far more important, than these Republican Senators and Representatives

It is time, Americans as Voters stand up call their Senators, call their Representatives and act, and tell them Trump must be Impeached and Removed! Period! It’s time Americans, it is time!

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