Or are they all gutless and cowards?

We are at a stage now in the Impeachment arena , on the edge of a precipice so to say. We can either slide into a state of who cares and allow Trump to do as he pleases, opening the door for other Presidents to do all the same things or more. If we allow him to continue without, correcting him or punishing him in anyway, we pave the way for the Next Presidents to do anything they wish.

The edge of the chasam is right ahead folks for our Republic and Democracy and waiting is Russia and China to take over from us. If we allow Trump to keep giving Putin and Russia everything they want all of us should be prepared to speak Russian and get a copy of Babel to do so. That’s where we are heading here!

As the Impeachment process continues we now find Representative Nunes went to Vienna to talk to the Ukrainian Prosecutor to gather dirt on Joe Biden and his son and to look for Trump Server he keep yelling about. What balls this takes from Nunes to sit on the Committee asking Impeachment questions of witnesses and not tell Congress he went to Vienna himself is just morally, ethically wrong and illegal. Representative Nunes needs to step[ down from the Committee, number one, Number two he should be forced to face charges in the House and Number Three be removed from office period if it is all true. This is a Representative in the hOuse folks, running around looking for bullshit, to help Trump get reelected President in 2020! Be realistic here, it’s wrong in all ways.

Using USA Military Funds and Assistance to blackmail a President of another country into doing your dirty work for your reelection is just wrong too. A Quid Pro Quo was proven, admitted to by Mulvaney, Sondland and Trump himself, it should never have been and Giuliani did not belong running around in Ukraine or any where else on a mission for America or it’s President to get information like this.Giuliani does not have a Government position or security clearances nor authorization by Congress or the American People to be performing these acts. Illegal is the word here, he should be arrested and charged as should Trump be Impeached.

Time is moving along and unless The Democrats get moving on this Impeachment and finish it by Christmas we shall run right into 2020 and the new election cycle. It needs to get done now and the Democrats know it too.

I hope and pray it gets done and Trump is Impeached, and hopefully removed, but I think the Senate is a bunch of Republicans who are never die Trumpers. I think they are scared of Trump and scared of doing a removal of him from Office for more than one reason. First off they are and have proven themselves to be pure Trumpers. Blindly following his lead everywhere he goes. Secondly, they are all afraid to go against Trump because they are scared he will go against their reelections. It is sad and unbelievably dumb of them, in my opinion, for they will be stained by their following and protecting Trump forever and history wil paint a picture of a cowardly Senate that kowtowed to Trump. They will have to live with it all through their lives and careers.

I also find it amazingly stupid of LIndsey Graham to back Trump so fiercely and fully, what happened to to the Lindsey Graham who was friends with John McCain one of the greatest statesmen ever. If McCain was alive today, he would look at Lindsey and go what the hell happened to you? It is sad to see Lindsey Graham go from a decent Senator to a piece of trash trump supporter inno time at all like he did. Someone needs to investigate Lindsey Graham to find out why he changed so suddenly.

Let me say this in closing today, President Donald J. Trump is the worst President in American History, zero accomplishments, zero care for anyone other then, himself and Russia and Putin. He has handed Putin everything he wanted from the moment he entered office.

Now the only question is this, Is There any Republicans in The House and Senate with balls enough to stand up for the rights of Americans everywhere, and to make a stand and say no more to Trump and remove him to show no President is above the law! Is there any Republicans out there who can stand and say they are as good and righteous as the Republicans who took on Nixon? Or are they all gutless and cowards?

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