Impeach Trump and Remove him and don’t look back!

We are now a few days away from Thanksgiving in America and the beginning of the Holiday Season Officially. I want to wish all ALL A Very Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Season!

As we get closer to the Holidays, the problems still persists in Washington, DC and in The Oval Office as Congress is still stalemating on many important issues from Gun Control Laws to Medicare Reform and so much more, because all is being withheld by Senator Mitch McConnell and his Republican Majority in the Senate! This stopping of any Bills written and approved in The house is a bad, bad thing for al of America as a whole,and foolish! Too many Americans want those bills approved and signed into law for the Republicans to keep doing this, call your Senator now!

Next we still face the Greatest Presidential Crisis in the History of the Nation in the Trump Presidency and his breaking of morals, ethic, laws of all kinds and constitutional oaths. How far will the Republicans let him go is the real question folks! How far will they let Trump push the country toward communism and hand it over to Putin?

The Republicans I guess are not the same party they were before Trump came along and took over, they are gutless, ball less and cowards. They all cry that if they back Impeachment of Trump, he will drive them from Office, but I ask one simple question of all republicans, what happened to the Party of Reagan and the Conservative Party of Mccain and others?

Back in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s The Republicans had guts, they had balls they were real conservatives, they stood up to Nixon and told him resign or get thrown out of Office, so Nixon Resigned. Now they cower, hide and kiss Trump’s ass left and right to keep themselves in office and personal glory is put above country by them each day, it is sad.

From the first lies he forced hos Press Secretary to tell about the size of his Inauguration Crowd to now, all Trump has done is lie, cheat and steal from America. It’s a sad thing, he has zero accomplishments since the day he was sworn in and he has failed on so many levels that America is now, out of the leadership position in the world. We are now laughed at on the world stage and in the UNited Nations too.

He has killed anything that will fight climate change and has no care for anything except his own pockets and money. His Trumpers cry he fixed the economy, he hasn’t done a damn thing for it folks, the truth os he is living off of what Obama created and did. No changes.

Then they cry he is building a wall and protecting America. Wrong he hasn’t built shit, he repaired a few sections and painted the existing fences is all and then hung a sign, Built by the Trump Administration. It’s a sad fact that what he has repaired was immediately attacked nd sawed through already by tools you can buy at a Home Dep, lol. Failure follows this man around daily and nightly.

He can’t do a damn thing righta n complete it. Thats why he files bankruptcy already four time sin all his business dealing, he stiffs his contractors and takes advantage of em.

The Mueller Report confirmed Russian Interference in the 2016 Election and over ten counts of Obstruction of Justice already.

Now we have The Ukrainian phone call and his constant pursuit of false claims of a server in Ukraine and his Bribing he Ukrainines to find dirt on Joe Biden and his son. Clear Impeachable Offenses and selling of America down the river for personal gain, it’s said the Republicans want to defend, deflect and distort the truth to save him, for what who knows!

Add in the following he has over 6 former Campaign aids and staffers in jail or convicted of crimes already and more on the way. Giuliani will more than likely go down as Trump throws him under the bus, representative Nunes is done too and cooked, for ure, w=since when does a sitting Congressman go to Venice and ask a UKrainian Prosecutor for evidence and information on a Candidate for President and get away with it? Someone need to rect folks!

Here;s some factual Poll Numbers folks on the last four President of concern to consider for all!

Clinton, 1998:
29% impeach
67% don’t impeach

Bush, 2006:
30% impeach
69% don’t impeach

Obama, 2014:
29% impeach
70% don’t impeach

Trump, 2019:
50% impeach
43% don’t impeach

here are real facts!

Think about those numbers folks, Trump is killing America and handing it to Russia and Putin and others are helping him do so, from Nunes to Graham and McConnell, how long will America allow Trump and his gang do this, before we wake up and do something?

I think if Americans have a brain, they will call Republican Representatives and Senators and tell them enough Impeach Trump and Remove him and don’t look back!

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