Wake up Republicans!

We have heard the Impeachment Hearings now, we have heard statements from both sides and believe it or not Trump was asked if he wished to participate and send his lawyers, he refused. That is one thing so many Republicans are now lying about!.

We have seen the fight between both parties happen over whether an American President broke his Oath of Office, Abused his Power and ignored Congress’s requests for information, we know all of it is true. Yet The Republicans still persist in defending President Trump with all they can, blaming the process, saying he didn’t get a chance to defend himself, frankly he did , it’s bullshit, Trump said he would not participate, he is fighting it all by stonewalling Congress,and prolonging it so he can run for reelection, while still breaking laws and doing things his own way illegally out there.

I personally tire of the Republicans defense of President Trump, it is not a defense of him or what he did, it is an attack on the democrats and the Process of Impeachment saying it is illegal and rushed. I think in the end if Trump is not Impeached and stopped, the nations future is at stake and The Republicans are too stubborn and angry to understand what wil happen, if this process is not done correctly and completely.

As we move forward and the battle rages over the Impeachment of Trump, I submit the following for all politicians to consider and think about.

In a mere 11 months we shall have a new election, a new Presidential Election what are the choices then. Ok, one America re-elects Donald Trump after the House Impeaches him and the Senate lets him off the hook. What happens when he continues to do as he pleases bringing in other nations to affect and control our elections, does Russia get involved or China or any other nation, and slowly seep into the American Economy, and nation as a whole affecting how we live and how how future is shaped?

Or How about if he is Impeached and Defeated come November 2020, and he has gotten off scott- free? Lets see that will mean that the next President can do all Trump did too to get elected and to control Congress and the American people and the voting booths too and Americans votes now stand for nothing! What Happens, Republicans when Trump is gone and a Democrat sits in The White House and does the exact same things to get elected and to bypass the votes and will of the American People and Congress? What happens when it is a Democrat and the Republicans have control of the hOuse, doe sit end up the same way and does The Republican Party then cry just as loud as the democrats are now and go nuts too so we face more Impeachment fights and our government grinds to a stand still yet again, leaving us open to interference from other nations on all levels.?

So before you vote no to Impeach President Donald J. Trump and you keep arguing he’s innocent and didn’t do a thing wrong, you better look closer, you better read the witness testimony and you better read the Articles and understand that if Trump can Abuse his Power as President and he can ignore Congress and their subpoenas, then so will the next Democrat or Republican and you are passing that onto the next Presidents to do as they please!.

So what kind of a precedent are you setting for future Presidents and what kind of shape are you leaving United States, as you leave it open to other countries running and controlling our elections?

As Ben Franklin Said, and it has repeated, ” We shall have a Republic and Democracy for as long as we the American People Protect it and keep it intact, once we stop doing so we shall lose it and fall to shambles!” Wake up Republicans!


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