At what costs, are The Republicans defending a guilty man?

I have watched the two days of The Judiciary Committee Impeachment Hearings and I have tried to keep an open mind on what happened and if President Trump really did all he is accused of doing. In the end I find the evidence undeniable and true, he did exactly what they say he did. It is hard to conclude otherwise based on the fact The Republicans have no defense for what happened or why the President acted the way he did.

That being said I know many will say I am a liberal, a democrat a Non Trumper and other names I shall not justify here, the truth is I am an Independent who has voted for either party in the past. I believed in Reagan, Clinton, Nixon and Kennedy, I grew up in a period of time when both partie shad balls and guts to stand up to Presidents who believed they were Gods or Kings and could do as they want, and stopped them to save the Republic we now have.

I am embarrassed and humiliated by the Performance of Republicans in these hearings as they rave on about unfairness and process and bullshit excuses such as this is how Trump is he isn’t a politician so he is rough around the edges. Or he didn’t mean it they way it came out, or he was fighting corruption in Ukraine, it’s all bullshit and smoke and mirrors republicans, he is guilty.

I am ashamed, embarrassed by Republicans like Doug Collins of Georgia, Gohmert of Texas and Jordan of Ohio who think by arguing the case of Trump didn’t do it on purpose or it’s unfair with how the proceedings are going and Trump is not getting due process here, for in the end it’s a lie folks, all of it.

The democrats sent letters to the White house asking Trump if he or his lawyers wanted to participate in said hearings, the answer came back clear and loud no. His lawyerssent the word in Official Correspondence folks, we wil not attend the Hearings, because we think they are a sham and lie. That in itself is a lie that they were not invited to defend or represent the President. even Trump was asked to come forth, to testify himself and refused to, and he blocked all subpenoas and any release of documents also, so why?

The performance by Doug Collins of Georgia,Jordan os Ohio and Gohmert of Texas is a lot of noise, and a lot of bullshit on air to distract, distort and avoid the truth of Trump’s guilt. In the end he is guilty as sin and even Trump knows it for he has no defense at all for all of it.

I won’t get into all the evidence because it is there to see for all involved if they are smart enough to read it and understand it. Those who don’t understand it or won’t read the facts are being foolish and allowing a dangerous man to continue in office and destroy the Constitution and the country I hold so dear to my heart and served for 16 years.

This country has a large problem now, an illegal and illegitimate President who is braking laws left and right. Sadly, nothing is being done, unless people wake up and admit the truth, he’s guilty.

IN the end let me say this to The Republicans who are rants, raving, screaming, bad process, it’s a lie the process is the same process used against Johnson, Nixon and Clinton and the same standards and rules and regulations are being followed and process too as all of them before this one.

The Republicans doing this want to play Trumpers, they are choosing to do so without regard for what they are doing to their own reputations and carriers and that is a shame. In the end the voters back in their districts will see their performances and go why did you do this? The Republicans will suffer defending Trump and yes he will be Impeached and not removed from office, but by the time it finishes all of it will have hit the airwaves of public television and public opinion folks. The real question is will it be worth it all to Collins. Gohmert, and Jordan and their cronies? What cost will there be for their stupid and undeniable false defense of a guilty President? What price will they pay and the Republican Party too,as well as President Trump for all he has brought upon himself and his Party? At what costs, are The Republicans defending a guilty man?

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