Just some notes on my Writings!

I have written many little books in my days or stories and tried to turn em into books and actually in my opinion failed at it all. For I seem to never go far enough or long enough with the stories, to make an actual book out of them, so I give them away on Amazon, for either .99 cents or free.

I don’t make money doing it and I refuse to beg for anything, why should I, I can’t force anyone to like what they don’t and never would anyway, I write for fun and to entertain myself is all.

I do short stories and poems is all and of course my blogs here on politics and more.

My stories and lil books can all be found on amazon Kindle E-books an dhere is the link:


The list begins with a short Indian Story I wrote called The Scepter and Throne Mystery.

It continues with a bit of a short Self Biography I did of myself, An Ordinary Man Who Tries.

I even did a Christmas Story, I called The Importance of Christmas and it is only four pages long and currently free to all who want to read it, as are other shorts I did too.


These are just a few of what I did over time. My Blogs speak of many things political and personal too. I write when the mood hits me or something bothers me is all! I am not a professional writer or stories or book or poems or even blogs. and will never claim to be!

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