Question for Chief Justice Roberts

If Impeachment passes the House and The President is indeed Impeached as it looks like will happen, should Senators Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham be allowed to be a part of the process? Is it not a part of the Law and the process that a Impeachment Trial, is supposed to be by a Senate, that is impartial and neutral?

As it sits now, Senator McConnell has openly stated he will work hand in hand with the White House Consul and The President’s men to set up the Senate Trial in accordance with their needs and wants to make it a quick trial and process? What about Senator Lindsey Graham openly admitting he is not impartial on public television for the whole world to see, that is not an impartial jury member in either case is it, Sir?

If you Chief Justice Roberts are the sitting Judge for said Trial of : The United States Vs President Donald J. Trump, then as the Judge you must disqualify, both Senators from the Jury Panel that is the Senate, in this case against the president, in order for the people to get a fair and impartial trial, for the case. Anything less would make the trial a farce and prejudicial to the American People, especially if two members of the Jury are biased already.

As a concerned American Citizen with all my rights in place under the laws, I believe I have a right to bring forth this concern and to request that the Chief Justice of the United States consider the facts here, impartially. If Chief Justice Roberts, does not disqualify both Senators from partaking in the Senate Trial for The Impeachment of President Donald John Trump, then he is being prejudicial and breaching his own oath of Office as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and allowing the Trial to be predetermined by these two Senators, who already have stated they are not impartial and on the President’s side even before the Trial Begins. That would disqualify any Juror in any other Trial in any other court in The Country and should do so here to both Senators, McConnell and Graham.

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