I hope you remember, Trump did this and the Republican Party let him do so.

Let’s set aside certain things here now, America. Trump sent an Air Strike into Iranian Air Space and killed their leading General and now, Iran is swearing vengeance against all Americans.

Trump knows not what he is doing and he may have just put us in a situation where, we may have to fight a battle Americans did not want or condone!

He did it without asking Congress and he never told the Democrats a damn thing and he told very few Republicans what he was doing. In the end he got the General he wanted to get, but at what cost in American Lives will it be.

Iran is not going to sit there and go ok, you got our General and it’s ok folks! They are mad as hell and swear revenge for the strike Trump ordered. So what is next?

Here is what I see happening, 1) Trump has been Impeached already by The House, 2) He faces a Senate Trial with an outcome he can not control 3) He lies left and right to the American People and the World 4) He has escalated tensions and caused stress for all Americans on a world-wide basis. The question is this, what was the purpose of the attack, what proof has he produced to justify it, and why didn’t he tell Congress it was going to happen, before he did so?

I see this as now The Responsibility of The Republican Party and its leaders, you as a party, let Trump stay in Office and defended him in all ways possible and still do to this day and have no guts or balls to stand up to him and stop him from going rogue this way! He should have been stopped long ago, and if this costs American lives and a draft needs to be started, Americans, everywhere, will go ballistic, on all of you.

A Rogue President should have been stopped before this happened and the Republicans prevented it, so they are now responsible for whatever consequences for the actions of their Rogue President they allowed to stay in Office. Period.

So, Americans, I hope all are now learning some facts, 1) Do Not Vote for anyone who does not have any experience in politics. 2) A Degree from a Business College is not good enough when it comes to being President 3) A Failed Businessman, who fails at not one business, his building empire, but also at selling water, steaks and running casinos and goes bankrupt four times is not qualified to be President. 4) No one should be President who has no idea what the military does or how to use them should, be President. 5) A man with two letters stating he is 4 f, disqualified from military service, due to bone spurs in his feet, (which is a lie, paid for by his father), is not a leader. I have 5 Honorable Discharges from Military Service myself and served 16 years. I would never have accepted him as my commander in chief.

Veterans are being asked if a war comes up now will you go back in, their reply is no, and Trump’s kids should go first. 6) The Biggest mistake in U.S. History was made when Trump was Elected President in 2016, and those who voted for him, and still support him today, should be the ones to fight his war with Iran now, they voted him in, go support him now!

Years ago when Clinton was Impeached and before it happened, Trump said, Clinton was going to start a war with Iran so he could win reelection, Clinton didn’t do it. Trump did this time, this action of aggression by an American President is wrong, and he did this to distract, and divert attention from his impending Senate Trial of Impeachment Charges.

It’s a sad day for all of America and the world and when the bombs start flying and American kids are drafted and told to go fight in Iran, and they are your children, I hope you remember, Trump did this and the Republican Party let him do so.

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