If Trump gets a second term you will live it, forever more!

Questions abound now, and remain regarding the case of what happened in the Ukraine mess. Questions that need answers, like why did Trump do what he did?

Or What does John Bolton really know, how about Mick Mulvaney? How about others Trump blocked from testifying, and where are the documents hiding regarding all of it, from emails, to texts, to more? All of these questions were never answered and I believe the American people deserve answers to them, don’t you?

When Trump holds up a newspaper, that says he is Acquitted like a medal of honor or an award, don’t you wonder, doesn’t he realize he is Impeached already? And yes Ladies and Gentleman, he can be Impeached again on new Articles of Impeachment, all the House must do is write them based on the Information they have now and bring in John Bolton to testify under their protection and immunity, and we start over and Trump can not stop it then. For John Bolton is a civilian not a Federal Employee anymore and hasn’t been for a long time. If I were the House of Representatives my first chore would be Subpoena Bolton, then add Mulvaney again too and others. Have them testify in public hearing on television for all of America to see, as a second Investigation of Trump. You can now, write up Articles of Impeachment based on Bribery of a Foreign Government to gather personal Information for personal use, using Federal Funds. Since The Senate is a bunch of Chicken Shit Weasels scared of being beat up by Trump, in the media and newspapers and by his news station Fox, the House will have to take charge and do this.

Yes, Trump will scream, he will rant, he will tweet, very loudly. He will claim Executive Privilege and try to get the Justice Department to Block John Bolton Testifying and his book. Last I heard, Freedom of Speech is legal in America, and John Bolton has every right as a civilian to speak publicly about all he lived through, it’s now part of his biography of his life.

Let me say this to those Republicans holding up newspapers with The Word Acquitted as the Headline over Trump’s picture, go ahead do it more and more all you want, your only reminding us all he was Impeached in the first place in his First Term! Impeachment Came First, and Any President who is Impeached, will carry that Impeachment to his Grave, having the Big I on his grave stone and in the History Books is no Victory, ask Bill Clinton or look back at Andrew Johnson. They all three now, wear it for eternity!

Sadly, the Senate ran for cover, they chickened out in fear, they didn’t protect the nation from a corrupt Trump as President, they protected themselves from his attacks on radio, television and in newspapers, and his sending of people to primary them in their home states. They even admit it many of them, they let Trump go out of fear of his media machine is all!

I ask America, is it right to keep a corrupt President in Office, and destroy the power of Impeachment, because Senators are scared of what Trump may do to them? They opened a box of trouble doing this, because they destroyed the only weapon, Congress has to battle a corrupt President and set a precedent, that makes Impeachment worthless not only now but in the future. I ask, what happens when a Future President goes rogue, and makes corrupt deals without the Congress’s approval? How Do you stop him then or her? You don’t. the Republicans have dropped us back 243 years, by appointing Trump King to do as he pleases!

We have now created not a Presidency that is checked and balanced by Congress and Justice, but made a Monarch!. Sadly, very sadly, what I am saying is true, you will see it now till the next election and if Trump gets a second term you will live it, forever more!

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